saathii na koii ma.nzil, diyaa hai na koii mahafil

Song Title: saathii na koii ma.nzil, diyaa hai na koii mahafil
Movie Name: Bambai Ka Babu
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Dev Anand, Suchitra Sen
Singer(s): Mohammad Rafi
Music Director(s): Sachin Dev Burman
Lyricist(s): Majrooh Sultanpuri
Category(ies): Sad Songs

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s:aT:i n: kaI m:ez:l:
edy:a h n: kaI m:hefl:
c:l:a m:J: l:k O edl:
, Akl:a kha ~~~

hm:dm: em:l: kaI khi
Os: n:s:ib: hi n:hi
b:dd h z:m:i dr Aas:m:a ~~~

g:el:y:a h Ap:n: dS: ki
ePr B:i h j:s: Aj:n:b:i
eks:ka kh kaI Ap:n:a y:ha ~~~

p:tT:r k En:s:a em:l:
p:tT:r k dv:t:a em:l:
S:iS: ka edl: el:y:
, j:aU kha ~~~

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