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Stephen Chenney

Photo of Stephen Chenney
Photo by CEH

Contact Info:

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Computer Sciences Department
1210 W. Dayton St
Madison, WI, 53706


Research Interests

Curriculum vitae and online publications

I'm a part of the Graphics Group at Wisconsin.

Simulation Culling and Level-of-Detail
Methods for reducing the cost of dynamic simulations that a viewer cannot perceive.
Directing Simulations for Animation
Techniques for controlling the appearance and outcomes of simulations models.
Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
Bringing traditional animation principles into interactive, real-time environments, and rendering animation in traditional styles.
Collision Intensive Rigid-Body Simulation Algorithms
Algorithms and research related to simulating large systems of colliding bodies.

From the Past

I graduated with a PhD in May 2000 from the Computer Science division at the University of California at Berkeley. My thesis is available online. Right here!

I received a BSc from the Computer Science department at the University of Sydney. My undergraduate thesis work was concerned with constraint-based scene design. The outcome was a modeling program called Sced.