Siyu Wang's Personal Page

WOW, you are here! Welcome!

I am sorry to tell you that we only provide limited service right now, since not many people would pay a visit here. However, since you are there, take your time and enjoy a cup of ☕️. A waiter will be with you shortly 🐤

Before introducing that cute little girl 👧🏻 with a yellow hoddie on the cover page, below are some informations about myself:

My name is Siyu Wang, currently a Ph.D. student in Romance Movies at University of the Nearest AMC. Before that, I have a bacherlor degree in mystery novels at University of Nerdy Boys, and a master degree in how-to-efficiently-waste-your-time in University of Cheese. My research interest is in playing with my friends’ credit reports while making them happy.

My name is Siyu Wang, a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Statsitics at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before that, I have a bacherlor degree in statictis in USTC, and a master degree in data science in University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research interest is in the development of the classification tree algorithms. And in the future, I would like to be a research analyst in machine learning area, or an applied scientist in the related field.

About that cute girl, she uses spatula as her mirror

sometimes drives with her hands open and eyes closed

and most of all, she is the most elegant girl that I have ever seen

P.S. she has a sleepy and sweet dragon, which is one of the best three sleepmates in the world!

Do you like her? If so, please leave a message below to show your love! ❤️💛💜