Welcome to the digital nest of a statistician-in-the-making, avid birder, and boardgame enthusiast! I’m a 5th-year Ph.D. student in Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, expected to hatch out of my academic egg in the summer of 2024. My research dives into the world of classification tree algorithms, and I spice them up with Linear Discriminant Analysis (don’t worry, it’s less complex than it sounds!). For a birds-eye view of my professional journey, feel free to perch on my CV. I’m on the lookout for a role as a biostatistician with dreams of using my stats skills to solve real-world problems. My previous migration took me to Inari Medical in 2022, where I delved into clinical data and survived… survival analysis! In my natural habitat, I’m either conversing in R and Python or scouting for woodpeckers with my binoculars. When I’m not outdoors, I’m strategizing at Wingspan, my favorite board game. So, join me on this flight, and let’s unravel some data mysteries together!

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