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Greetings, I am Jiahe (Stephen) Ling, a member of the 2024 class with a B.S. (Hons.) in Statistics, Computer Science, and Economics. I have a keen interest in time series and panel data analysis, particularly related to Transportation Systems and Social Computing. Beyond my academic pursuits, I enjoy watching mob films, engaging in photography, and conducting independent research on intriguing data-driven topics.

Area of Interest: Operation Research, Transportation System, Supply Chain, Social Computing




Publications & Pre-Prints

  • Ling, J., Qian, X., & Gkritza, K. (2024). Electric Vehicles vs.¬†Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles: A Comparative Study of Crash Involved Vulnerable Road Users. engrxiv preprint. doi:
  • Ling, J., Qian, X., & Gkritza, K. (2024). Comparison of Crash Characteristics Among Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles. engrxiv preprint. doi:
  • Jackson, C. B., Jeong E., and Ling, J. (2024). Exploring Tag-Based Collaborative Knowledge Production in Open Collaboration.
  • Ling, J., & Jackson, C. B. (2024). Exploring Convergence in Relation using Association Rules Mining: A Case Study in Collaborative Knowledge Production. arXiv preprint arXiv:2404.15440.
  • Ling, J., & Chen, Y. (2023). Online twitter bot detection: A comparison study of vectorization and classification methods on balanced and imbalanced data. engrxiv preprint. doi:

Seminar, Symposium, & Presentations

Selected Projects

The projects are presented in a chronological sequence spanning from 2020 to 2023. For additional information regarding a specific project, kindly reach out to me via email.