Greetings, I am Jiahe (Stephen) Ling, currently a Senior student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Statistics (Hons.), Computer Science, and Economics.

My research interests lie in Operation Research (OR), specifically focusing on Transportation and Network-related problems. I am also keenly interested in analyzing and modeling time series and panel data. Looking ahead, I intend to narrow my focus on Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (SCM), which includes transportation system modeling and supply chain optimization & forecasting.

My passion for data analysis is deeply rooted in my commitment to fostering efficiency and sustainability across diverse industries. I firmly believe that harnessing the power of data is fundamental in shaping a better and more progressive world. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am interested in watching Mob films, photography, and independent research on intriguing data-driven topics.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of academic exploration and professional growth.

CV & Resume

Please contact me through email to obtain the most recent Curriculum Vitae or Resume.




Research & Publications

  • Ling, J., Qian, X., & Gkritza, K. (2022). Comparison of Crash Characteristics Among Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles. In Proceedings of the 2022 Purdue Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Symposium (pp.¬†76). [Link]
  • Chen, Y. & Ling, J. (2023). Online Twitter Bot Detection: A Comparison Study of Vectorization and Classification Methods on Balanced and Imbalanced Data. EngrXiv Preprints. https://doi.org/10.31224/3139
  • Ling, J., Qian, X., & Gkritza, K. (2023). Electric Vehicles vs.¬†Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles: A Comparative Study of Non-Motorist Crash Injury Severity. Submitted to Proceedings of the 2023 Transportation Research Board 103rd Annual Meeting. [Link]

Seminar & Symposium

  • State-of-Art Statistical and Machine Learning Methodology for Time Series Analysis Reading Seminar
  • Purdue 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Symposium [Link]
  • The 26th UW-Madison Aannual Undergraduate Symposium (In Progress)

Selected Projects

The projects are presented in a chronological sequence spanning from 2020 to 2023. Please note that certain links may become inactive prior to December 2023. For additional information regarding a specific project, kindly reach out to me via email.

Course Notes

I am currently in the process of digitizing my paper notes, with the goal of ensuring that all notes are successfully uploaded by August 2024 for optimal accessibility