Suchita Pati

PhD Student
HAL Research Lab
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison


Email: spati [AT] cs [DOT] wisc [DOT] edu
Room 6372
Computer Sciences
1210 W. Dayton St.
Madison, WI 53706

About Me

I am a graduate student in the Department of Computer Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am advised by Prof. Matt Sinclair. My research interests are in Computer Architecture and Systems and my Master's research focuses on optimizing GPU architectures for Deep Learning applications. During my Master's I have been a part of the effort to augment GPGPU-Sim to simulate Deep Learning kernels written using NVIDIA's cuDNN and cuBLAS libraries. I have also been an officer with W-ACM (ACM-W's UW-Madison Chapter) and have organized several technical and career oriented workshops at UW-Madison.
Before starting my Master's, I was a Design Engineer at AMD India in the Server Performance Group. At AMD I was responsible for workload characterization of server and cloud applications and was also responsible for a new trace sampling methodology which had dramatically improved sampling efficiency. I received my bachelor's degree (B.E.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology & Science - Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India in 2015.

Recent News

  • Dec 2022: Passed my preliminary thesis defense.
  • Nov 2022: Presented paper on Transformers at IISWC 2022.
  • Sept 2022: Paper on Transformers accepted at IISWC 2022.
  • Mar 2021: Paper on fine-grained synchronization accepted at YArch 2021.
  • Aug 2020: Presented SeqPoint at ISPASS 2020.
  • May 2020: Will be serving as the President of WACM (ACM-W's Madison chapter).
  • Mar 2020: Selected as a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Finalist 2020 .
  • Feb 2020: Passed my PhD Qualifiers! .
  • Jan 2020: Paper accepted at ISPASS 2020, see preprint on ArXiv .
  • May 2019: Started my PhD! .
  • April 2019: Presented GPGPU-Sim/ML Poster at ISPASS 2019.
  • April 2019: Presented ongoing research at CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop and UW CS Research Symposium.
  • Jan 2019: Poster accepted at ISPASS'19.
  • Dec 2018: Accepted to attend the CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop 2019.
  • Oct 2018: Awarded the Hiran Mayukh Award at UW Computer Architecture Affiliates 2018
  • May 2018: Awarded the Grace Hopper Scholarship 2018

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