Here, I have collected some helpful resources.

Sorting through arXiv

Research in Machine Learning has been growing at a fast and steady pace, both in terms of volume and diversity. When I started working in this field, I found it time-consuming to sort through the daily arXiv submissions, especially around conference deadlines. The arxivist is an online tool that learns your research interests over time and has features like sending daily mails about the most relevant papers.

Presenting your work

Using LaTeX in PowerPoint

  • LaTeXiT is a really great tool that helps in inserting LaTeX generated text and equations into PowerPoint slides.

  • LaTeX can also be “integrated” into PowerPoint using the Computer Modern (CMU) font, because it is exactly the LaTeX font : CMU Serif Roman is the LaTeX text font and CMU Serif Italic is the LaTeX math font.
    WARNING: This font is not available by default in PowerPoint, so sending this to other people can be an issue. A possible workaround is saving your presentation as a pdf.

Cool tips for research

I highly recommend watching the video lectures How to do CS Theory and Street Fighting Mathematics by Prof. Ryan O'Donnell for some nice tips and tricks. Also check out his other lectures, they are well explained and fun to watch.

Useful inequalities

Other tools

  • Building personal websites: I have created this website using jemdoc.

  • Managing research materials: I use Zotero to organize research papers, monographs, lecture notes, books and even videos. There is also a browser plugin to add the current page to your database with one click.