Daniel Strommen

Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
Operating Systems Group > OS Services > Family Safety
(Online safety & parental controls)

Contact Information

  • Permanent Email: strommen at (cs.wisc.edu)



In May of 2009, I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science with Honors from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

My areas of interest include systems programming (multithreaded OS and driver development) and networking.


Professional History

In July 2009, I started as an SDE at Microsoft in the Networking group.

In Spring 2009, I received the UW-Madison CS Department's Outstanding Undergraduate Student Instructor Award. (Apparently, this was the first and only time they have given this award.)

In Summer 2008 I interned at Bloomberg in NYC. It was awesome!

Since January 2007, I have been employed as a developer for the NTL LTER Project at the UW Center for Limnology.

Software I've developed for CFL has moved here.

Since Fall 2006, I have also been a team leader for the WES-CS program.  This program brought me to SIGCSE 2008 and got me interested in pedagogical issues in Computer Science.



I enjoy cooking, music, and a good Agatha Christie.

Some important anagrams of my name are Most Nerdile Man, Lone Mastermind, and Terminal's Demon.