Vishal Kathuria


I graduated from the Computer Science Department of the University Of Wisconsin, Madison in Dec 1999 (the millennium graduate ;)) and have been working in a start-up called Asera since then. Check them out at

Before the Wisconsin experience, I was in the B. Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

I am getting married to my sweetheart Sambavi Muthukrishnan on March 2nd 2001. (That also happens to be my 25th Birthday!).

My Resume


I did the following courses while at Wisconsin.

CS790: Masterís Project: Niagara: A XML Query and Search Engine (Prof. David DeWitt). Project Presentation (ps, pdf)

CS764: Topics in DBMS (Prof. David DeWitt). Project Paper (ps,pdf)

CS564: DBMS: Design and Implementation (Prof. Raghu Ramakrishnan)  

CS736: Advanced Operating Systems (Prof. Bart Miller) Project Paper (ps,pdf)

CS752: Advanced Computer Architecture (Prof. David Wood) Project Paper (pdf,doc)                 

CS737: Computer System Performance Evaluation (Prof. Miron Livny) Project Paper (pdf,doc)

CS640: Introduction to Computer Networks (Prof. Lawrence Landweber)                   

Introduction to Finance.

Racquetball, Swimming and Ballroom Dancing              


My Interests

I like Caving, Canoeing, Hiking and Kayaking, trekking, rollerblading - essentially almost everything outdoors.

I used to be a volunteer for  Asha For Education  which is no profit, no administrative overhead organization committed to providing education to children in India. Here is the Homepage of Madison Chapter of Asha.

My Coordinates on Earth

Office: Home
Asera Inc 143 Rock Harbor Lane
600 Clipper Drive Foster City, CA 94404
Belmont, CA 94002
Tel: 650 769 1627 Tel: 650 627 8015

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