Andrew Weinrich

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin—Madison in 2008 with a Master's Degree in Computer Sciences.

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I was an instructor for Computer Science 302 for four semesters.



F-Script is a Mac OS X scripting language that combines APL-style array processing with Smalltalk's object-oriented system, using Objective-C as an implementation platform. These two projects extend F-Script to make it more useful as a general-purpose language.

Here are a few other miscellaneous programs that might be useful:


I attended Northwestern University from 1999-2003 and received a B.S. in Computer Science. While I was there, I spent some time working for the Prescience Lab, specifically on the URGIS system. I wrote several (very) short papers while there: I also did some work on simulating signal timing in circuits, but I can't find that paper (or code) anymore.


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