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R. Kent Wenger


Room 4241
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706-1685

telephone: 608-262-6627
fax: 608-262-9777
email: wenger(AT)cs.wisc.edu

A short biography.


Publications and presentations.

I work on is the BioMagResBank project, using the DEVise (Data Exploration and Visualization) software, and the HTCondor project (mainly the DAGMan software).

Here's a visualization produced by the DEVise software.

The people I work for:

More information about the University of Wisconsin:

Personal, travel

October 1997 Vacation in Italy (images added January 20, 1998)

January 1999 Vacation in Cozumel

Feb. - Mar. 2000 Vacation in Bonaire

Some Wenger family history

Feb. - Mar. 2001 Vacation in Cancun

Feb. 2003 Vacation in Zion National Park and Las Vegas

July 2004 cycling tour in the French Alps

February 2005 trip to Galena, IL (includes balloon flight photos)

July 2006 MTB trip to the Mt. Hood National Forest

July 2007 cycling trip in the Pyrenees

Club Med Turkoise 2009

Blog of my 2012 cycling tour from Turkey to Croatia

Personal, other



Marco Pantani wins the Tour de France!

My hardware.

Control insect pests the natural way -- build a bat house! (See simple plans.)

A couple of user interface improvements we could all use!


The League of American Bicyclists

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

The International Mountain Biking Association

The Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Association

The Wisconsin Off-Road Series

The Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series

The Wisconsin Cycling Association

USA Cycling

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