Zheng(Colin) Huang



Email: Zhuang at cs dot wisc dot edu


Now I'm at Ouku. Now, I


I was at Google Inc.


I was in the Database Systems Group


Department of Computer Sciences




University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI (GPA: 4.0/4.0)

Ph.D. in Computer Science (Sept. 2002 - Present)


Zhejiang University, P.R.C (GPA:3.92/4.0)

Rank No.1 in Honor Program, Mixed Class, for top 5% students

B.S. in Computer Science (Sept. 1998- July, 2002)





UW-Madison, CS Department

Research Assistant (12/02 - Present)


Microsoft Corporation, Redmond

Intern (05/03 - 08/03)


ZU-Arcsoft Multimedia Research Center

Research Assistant (06/00 - 06/02)


Microsoft Research Asia

Intern (09/01 - 12/01)





The EDAM Project: Mining Atmospheric Aerosol Datasets (with Raghu Ramakrishnan, James J.Schauer, Lei Chen, Martin M. Shafer, Deborah S. Gross and David R. Musicant) International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Special Issue on KDD, 2004

Cost-based Labeling of Groups of Mass Spectra (with Lei Chen, Raghu Ramakrishnan), SIGMOD, 2004

Mass Spectrum Labeling: Theory and Practice (with Lei Chen, Jin-Yi Cai, Deborah S. Gross, Dave Musicant, Raghu Ramakrishan, James J. Schauer, Stephen J. Wright), ICDM, 2004