Hi all, Welcome to the Interdisciplinary approach to life!

I first became interested in the interdisciplinary idea when I was a freshman college undergrad. A book named Poor Charlie's Almanack was recommended to me by my mentor.

In this book, Charles T. Munger summarized his philosophy into one idea: Lollapalooza Effect. In his humurous way, he explained the way people should educate themselves: Interdisciplinarily. Not one subject, Not two, but many.

This idea usually encourages arguments: if a person is spending his energy all around, he, then, wouldn't be able to dive deep into any field. The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither. Why would anyone want to study multiple subjects?

I would like to suggest another perspective: Interdisciplinary education is not about not going deeper into a specific field, but it is about opening your eyes to see the greater picture, to see the world around you, to make the connections between different subjects, and to solve problem holistically. It is about going deep enough in one field and connect what you learnt to other fields.

I believe that is the proper way to solving difficult problems in the world.