CS 640: Introduction to Computer Networks
Fall 2006

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Homeworks and Programming Assignments

In this course, students will receive 4 homeworks and 3 large programming assignments. The homeworks will include a mixture of paper-and-pen problems and simple lab experiments involving common networking tools and techniques. Students are expected to work on their own for the homeworks and hand in individual write-ups. Homeworks will be graded and handed back in the class.

The programming assignments will be aimed at helping the students better understand network internals. Programming assignments must be done in groups of 2. Larger or smaller groups require special permission. Evaluation will be based on live demos where students are expected to explain the features of their software to the instructors. All group members must participate to receive full credit.

Each Homework (HW) and programming assigment (PA) has an FAQ towards the end outlining common questions and concerns. This will be updated on a regular basis over the duration of the assignment or the homework. Please refer to this first before posting questions to the class mailing list or approaching the instructors.

Unless otherwise specified, homeworks and programming assignments are due in class.

Midterm-I Solutions.

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HW or PA # Date Handed Out Date Due Link to docs Notes
PA 1 09/12 10/03 PDF Start Early!!   Instructions & FAQ   client-code-outline
HW 1 09/19 09/26 PDF FAQ (no updates yet) 
HW 2 09/28 10/12 PDF tcp_2transmit.cap   udp_2transmit.cap   tcp_pcattcp_n1.cap
PA 2 10/10
Instructions & FAQ
HW 3
10/26 11/7 PDF tcp_pcattcp_n1.cap  httpWebBrowsing.cap
PA 3 11/7 12/7 TXT
11/21 12/5 PDF Solutions

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