CS 740: Advanced Computer Networks
Spring 2007
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Reading List for CS 740 (Spring 2007)

Internet Architecture and Design

  • [CK74] V. Cerf and R. Kahn, A Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection, IEEE Transactions on Communications, COM-22, pp. 637-641 ,1974.
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  • [CW02] David Clark, John Wroclawski, Tussle in Cyberspace: Defining Tomorrow's Internet, ACM Sigcomm 2002.

High Speed Routers

  • [D+97] Mikael Degermark, Andrej Brodnik, Svante Carlsson and Stephen Pink, Small Forwarding Tables for Fast Routing Lookups, ACM SIGCOMM 97.
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  • [BV01] M. Waldvogel, F. Baboescu and G. Varghese Plattner, Scalable Packet Classification Lookups.; In Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM '01.
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  • [S+99] Stefan Savage, Andy Collins, Eric Hoffman, John Snell, and Tom Anderson, The End-to-End Effects of Internet Path Selection, ACM Sigcomm 1999.
  • [Nor00] W. Norton, Internet Service Providers and Peering, 2000.
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  • [APM+04] Aditya Akella, Jeff Pang, Bruce Maggs, Srinivasan Seshan and Anees Shaikh, A Comparison of Overlay Routing and Multihoming Route Control, In the proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2004.
  • [SCE+05] Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Matthew Caesar, Cheng Tien Ee, Mark Handley, Morley Mao, Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica. HLP: A Next-generation Interdomain Routing Protocol, ACM SIGCOMM 2005.
  • [ABKM01] D. Anderson, H. Balakrishnan, F. Kaashoek, R. Morris, Resilient Overlay Networks; In Proc. of SOSP '01.

Congestion Control and Active Queue Management

  • [JK88] V. Jacobson and M. Karels, Congestion Avoidance and Control, In Proc. ACM SIGCOMM '88.
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Web Protocols and Web Caching

  • [PM95] V. Padmanabhan and J. Mogul, Improving HTTP Latency, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, v. 28, pp. 25-35, December 1995.
  • [FCAB98] L. Fan, P. Cao, J. Almeida, A. Broder, Summary Cache: A Scalable Wide-Area Cache Sharing Protocol, In Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM '98.
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DHTs and Overlay Applications

  • [SMK+01] I. Stoica, R. Morris, D. Karger, F. Kaashoek, H. Balakrishnan, Chord: A Scalable Peer-To-Peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications, In Proc. of SIGCOMM '01.
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  • [S+03] Ion Stoica, Daniel Adkins, Shelley Zhuang, Scott Shenker, Sonesh Surana, Internet Indirection Infrastructure, Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM, August, 2002.
  • [W99] D. Wetherall, Active network vision and reality: lessons from a capsule-based system, In Proceedings of SOSP'99 (Kiawah Island Resort, SC, December, 1999).

Mobile and Wireless Networking

  • [BDSZ94] V. Bharghavan, A. Demers, S. Shenker, and L. Zhang, MACAW: A Media Access Protocol for Wireless LANs, In Proc. ACM SIGCOMM , London, U.K., September 1994, pp. 212-225.
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  • [AJSS05] Aditya Akella, Glenn Judd, Srinivasan Seshan and Peter Steenkiste Self-Management in Chaotic Wireless Deployments, In Proceedings of ACM MobiCom 2005


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  • [EAB06] C. Estan, A. Akella and S. Banerjee, Achieving good end-to-end performance using Bill-Pay, Hotnets 2006.

Network Security

  • [SB01] A. Snoeren and H. Balakrishnan, Hash-Based IP Traceback, In Proc. of SIGCOMM '01.
  • [SPW02] S. Staniford, V. Paxson and N. Weaver, How to Own the Internet in Your Spare Time, In Proc. of USENIX Security Symposium '02
  • [SEVS04] Sumeet Singh, Cristian Estan, George Varghese and Stefan Savage Automated Worm Fingerprinting, In Proc. of USENIX Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation (OSDI) '04
  • [CGA+06] Martin Casado, Tal Garfinkel, Aditya Akella, Michael J. Freedman, Dan Boneh, Nick McKeown, Scott Shenker, SANE: A Protection Architecture for Enterprise Networks, In Proc. of USENIX Security Symposium '06
  • [MVS01] David Moore, Geoffrey Voelker, Stefan Savage, Inferring Internet Denial-of-Service Activity, Proceedings of the 2001 USENIX Security Symposium.

Modeling and Management

  • [F+99] On Power-Law Relationships of the Internet Topology, M. Faloutsos, P. Faloutsos and C. Faloutsos, SIGCOMM 1999.
  • [L+04] A First-Principles Approach to Understanding the Internet's Router-level Topology, Lun Li (CalTech), David Alderson (CalTech), Walter Willinger (ATT Labs--Research), John Doyle (CalTech), SIGCOMM 2004.
  • [RGH+04] Jennifer Rexford, Albert Greenberg, Gisli Hjalmtysson, David A. Maltz, Andy Myers, Geoffrey Xie, Jibin Zhan, and Hui Zhang, Network-Wide Decision Making: Toward A Wafer-Thin Control Plane, Proceedings of HotNets III. November, 2004.
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