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Advanced Computer Networks - Renovated!
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Network Architecture

Router Design

  • [McK97] Nick McKeown, A Fast Switched Backplane for a Gigabit Switched Router , Business Communications Review.
  • [skim KCY+03] I. Keslassy et al, Scaling Internet Routers Using Optics , SIGCOMM 2003.
  • [GM99] P. Gupta et al, Packet Classification using Hierarchical Intelligent Cuttings , Hot Interconnects 1999.


  • [LABJ01] C. Labovitz et al, Delayed Internet routing convergence, SIGCOMM 01.
  • [skim APM+04] Aditya Akella, Jeff Pang, Bruce Maggs, Srinivasan Seshan and Anees Shaikh, A Comparison of Overlay Routing and Multihoming Route Control, ACM SIGCOMM 2004.
  • [CCF05] M. Caesar et al, Design and Implementation of a Routing Control Platform, NSDI 05.

Congestion Control and Queuing

  • [JK88] V. Jacobson and M. Karels, Congestion Avoidance and Control, ACM SIGCOMM 1988.
  • [skim KHR02] D. Katabi, M. Handley and C. Rohr, Congestion Control for High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks, ACM SIGCOMM 2002.
  • [DKS90] A. Demers, S. Keshav, and S. Shenker. Analysis and simulation of a fair-queueing algorithm, Journal of Internetworking Research and Experience, pages 3--26, Oct. 1990.
  • [skim SV95] M. Sridhar and G. Varghese, Efficient Fair Queuing Using Deficit Round Robin, SIGCOMM 1995.


  • [CRZ00] Y. Chu, S. Rao and H. Zhang, A Case for End System Multicast, ACM SIGMETRICS 2000.
  • [SMK+01] I.Stoica, R. Morris, D. Karger, F. Kaashoek, H. Balakrishnan, Chord: A Scalable Peer-To-Peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications, In Proc. of SIGCOMM '01.

Software Defined Networking

  • [M09] Nick McKeown, Software-defined networking, Infocom 2009 Keynote talk. Also see Scott Shenker's talk at ONS 2011.
  • [skim KCG+10] T. Koponen, M. Casado, N. Gude, J. Stribling, L. Poutievski, M. Zhu, R. Ramanathan, Y. Iwata, H. Inoue, T. Hama, S. Shenker, Onix: A Distributed Control Platform for Large-scale Production Networks, OSDI 2010.
  • [K+14] T. Koponen et al, Network Virtualization in Multi-tenant Datacenters , NSDI 2014.
  • [G+14] A. Gember-Jacobson et al, Enabling innovation in network function control, SIGCOMM 2014.
  • [skim M+13] C. Monsanto et al, Composing Software Defined Networks, NSDI 2013.

Content Networking

  • [A+10] B. Agrawal et al, An End-System Redundancy Elimination Service for Enterprises, NSDI 2010.
  • [A+15 - will post to piazza] V. Agababov et al, Flywheel: Google's Data Compression Proxy for the Mobile Web, NSDI 2015.
  • [G+15 - will post to piazza] A. Ganjam et al, C3: Internet-Scale Control Plane for Video Quality Optimization, NSDI 2015.

Data Center Networking

  • [GJK+09] Albert Greenberg, Navendu Jain, Srikanth Kandula, Changhoon Kim, Parantap Lahiri, Dave Maltz, Parveen Patel, and Sudipta Sengupta, VL2: A Scalable and Flexible Data Center Network, ACM SIGCOMM 2009.
  • [AED+14] M. Alizadeh et al, CONGA: Distributed Congestion-Aware Load Balancing for Datacenters, ACM SIGCOMM 2014.
  • [AGM+10] M. Alizadeh, A. Greenberg, D. Maltz, J. Padhye, P. Patel, B. Prabhakar, S. Sengupta, M. Sridharan, Data Center TCP (DCTCP), ACM SIGCOMM 2010.
  • [optional: AKG+10] Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, Srikanth Kandula, Albert Greenberg, Ion Stoica, Yi Lu, Bikas Saha, and Edward Harris, Reining in the Outliers in Map-Reduce Clusters using Mantri, OSDI 2010.

Security and Privacy

  • [YWA05] X. Wang, D. Wetherall and T. Anderson, A DoS Limiting Network Architecture, ACM Sigcomm 2005.
  • [C+07] Martin Casado, Michael Freedman, Justin Pettit, Nick McKeown, Scott Shenker, Ethane: Taking Control of the Enterprise, ACM Sigcomm 2007.
  • [optional CGA+06] Martin Casado et al, SANE: A Protection Architecture for Enterprise Networks, USENIX Security 2006.
  • [I+10] Isdal et al, Privacy-preserving P2P Data-Sharing with One-Swarm, ACM SIGCOMM 2010.
  • [optional ABF+08] D Andersen, H Balakrishnan, N Feamster, T Koponen, D Moon, S Shenker Accountable Internet Protocol (AIP), ACM Sigcomm 2008.

Mobile, Cellular and Wireless Networking

  • [B+09] Bahl et. al, White Space Networking with Wi-Fi like Connectivity, ACM Sigcomm 2009.
  • [K+14] B. Kellogg et al, WiFi Backscatter: Internet Connectivity for RF-Powered Devices, ACM Sigcomm 2014.