Arkaprava Basu

Research Summary

Arka is broadly interested in computer architecture; in particular, hardware's interactions with the operating system. As a member of AMD Research, he contributes towards U.S. Department of Energy's (DoE) Exascale research initiative to build future generation high-performance computing system in 2020-2023 timeframe.

Arka's research explores new ways to efficiently support shared virtual memory across CPUs and accelerators in heterogeneous systems. He explores implications of emerging non-volatile memory technologies on both the hardware and the software. At AMD, Arka also helps shape the design of IOMMU (I/O Memory Management Unit) in future generation AMD processors. IOMMU is the hardware block responsible for I/O (including GPU) virtualization and enabling shared address space in a heterogeneous systems.
Before, at the University of Wisconsin, Arka's research explored ways to rethink virtual memory management that is better suited for big data applications and is energy efficient. He also worked on enhancing cache coherence in heterogeneous processors and on enabling deterministic execution on multi-core processors.