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Op.1 Two Pieces, Piano

    1. Scherzo à la Russe, on an Ukrainian folk tune (B-flat Major)
    2. Impromptu (e-flat Minor)

Op.2 Souvenir de Hapsal, Piano

Op.3 The Voyevoda, Opera

Op.4 Valse caprice, Piano (D Major)

Op.5 Romance, Piano (f Minor)

Op.6 Six Songs :

  1. Do not believe, my friend (A.K.Tolstoy)
  2. Not a word, o my friend (A.Pleshcheyev after M.Hartmann)
  3. Both painfull and sweetly (E.Rostopchina)
  4. A tear trembles (A.K.Tolstoy)
  5. Why? (L.Mey after H.Heine)
  6. No, only he who has known (L.Mey after J.W.v.Goethe)

Op.7 Valse-scherzo, Piano (A Major)

Op.8 Capriccio, Piano (G-flat Major)

Op.9 Three Pieces, Piano

  1. Rêverie (D Major)
  2. Polka de Salon (B-flat Major)
  3. Mazurka de Salon (d Minor)

Op.10 Two Pieces, Piano

  1. Nocturne (F Major)
  2. Humoresque (e Minor)

Op.11 String Quartet No.1 (D Major)

Op.12 The Snow Maiden, Incidental Music

Op.13 Symphony No.1 (g Minor) ("Winter Daydreams")

Op.15 Festival Overture (D Major)

Op.16 Six Songs

  1. Cradle Song (A.Maykov)
  2. Wait (N.Grekov)
  3. Accept just one (A.Fet)
  4. O sing that song (A.Pleshcheyev after F.Hemans)
  5. Thy radiant image (Tchaikovsky)
  6.  In dark hell (A.Maykov)

Op.17 Symphony No.2 (c Minor) ("Little Russian")

Op.18 The Tempest, Symphonic Fantasia (f Minor)

Op.19 Six Pieces, Piano

  1. Rêverie du soir (g Minor)
  2. Scherzo humoristique (D Major)
  3. Feuillet d'album (D Major)
  4. Nocturne (c-sharp Minor)
  5. Capriccioso (B-flat Major)
  6. Thème original et variations (F Major)

Op.20 Swan Lake, Ballet

Op.21 Six Pieces, composed on one theme, Piano

  1. Prélude (B Major)
  2. Fugue à 4 voix (g Minor)
  3. Impromptu (c-sharp Minor)
  4. Marche funèbre (a-flat Minor)
  5. Mazurque (a-flat Minor)
  6. Scherzo (A-flat Major)

Op.22 String Quartet No.2 (F Major)

Op.23 Piano Concerto No.1 (b-flat Minor)

Op.25 Six Songs

  1. Primirenie - Reconciliation (N.Shcherbina), to Aleksandra Krutikova
  2. As over the burning ashes (F.Tyutchev)
  3. Mignon's Song (F.Tyutchev after J.W.v.Goethe)
  4. The canary (L.Mey)
  5. I never spoke to her (L.Mey)
  6. As they reiterated: "Fool" (L.Mey)

Op.26 Serenade melancolique, Vln, Orch. (b Minor)

Op.27 Six Songs

  1. At bedtime (N.Ogaryov)
  2. Look, yonder cloud (N.Grekov)
  3. Do not leave me (A.Fet)
  4. Evening (L. Mey after Shevchenko)
  5. Was it the mother who bore me? (L.Mey after Mickiewicz)
  6. My spoilt darling (L.Mey after Mickiewicz)

Op.28 Six Songs

  1. No, I shall never tell (N.Grekov after Musset)
  2. The corals (L.Mey after L.-V.Kondratowicz)
  3. Why did I dream of you? (L.Mey)
  4. He loved me so much (?A.Apukhtin)
  5. No response, or word, or greeting (A.Apukhtin)
  6. The fearful minute (Tchaikovsky)

Op.29 Symphony No.3 (D Major) ("Polish")

Op.30 String Quartet No.3 (e-flat Minor)

Op.31 Slavonic March, Orch. (B-flat Major)

Op.32 Francesca da Rimini, Symphonic Fantasia (e Minor)

Op.33 Variations on a Rococo Theme, Cello, Orch. (A Major)

Op.34 Valse-scherzo, Vln, Orch. (C Major)

Op.35 Violin Concerto (D Major)

Op.36 Symphony No.4 (f Minor)

Op.37 Piano Sonata (G Major)

Op.37b Les Saisons, 12 Pieces, Piano

Op.38 Six Songs

  1. Don Juan's Serenade (A.K.Tolstoy)
  2. It was in the early spring (A.K.Tolstoy)
  3. Amid the din of the ball (A.K.Tolstoy)
  4. O, if only you could for one moment (A.K.Tolstoy)
  5. The love of a dead man (M.Lermontov)
  6. Pimpinella (Tchaikovsky after a Florentine Pop Song)

Op.39 Album pour Enfants: 24 pieces faciles (a la Schumann), Piano

  1. Prière de matin (G Major)
  2. Le matin en hiver (D Major)
  3. Maman (G Major)
  4. Le petit cavalier (D Major)
  5. Marches des soldats de bois (D Major)
  6. La nouvelle poupée (B-flat Major)
  7. La poupée malade (g Minor)
  8. Enterrement de la poupée (c Minor)
  9. Valse (E-flat Major)
  10. Polka (B-flat Major)
  11. Mazurka (d Minor)
  12. Chanson russe (F Major)
  13. Le paysan prélude (B-flat Major)
  14. Chanson populaire (D Major)
  15. Chanson italienne (E-flat Major)
  16. Mélodie antique française (g Minor)
  17. Chanson allemande (E-flat Major)
  18. Chanson napolitaine (E-flat Major)
  19. Conte de la vielle bonne (C Major)
  20. La sorcière (Baba Jaga) (e Minor)
  21. Douce rêverie (C Major)
  22. Chant de l'alouette (G Major)
  23. A l'église (e Minor)
  24. L'orgue de barberie (G Major)

Op.40 Twelve Pieces, Piano

  1. Etude (G Major)
  2. Chanson triste (g Minor)
  3. Marche funèbre (c Minor)
  4. Mazurka (C Major)
  5. Mazurka (D Major)
  6. Chant sans paroles (a Minor)
  7. Au village (a Minor)
  8. Valse (A-flat Major)
  9. Valse (f-sharp Minor)
  10. Danse russe (a Minor)
  11. Scherzo (d Minor)
  12. Rêverie interrompue (f Minor)

Op.41 Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, unaccompanied Chorus

Op.42 Souvenir d'un lieu cher, Vln., Piano

  1. Meditation (d Minor)
  2. Scherzo (c Minor)
  3. Melodie (E-flat Major)

Op.43 Suite No.1, Orch. (D Major)

Op.44 Piano Concerto No.2 (G Major)

Op.45 Capriccio Italien, Orch. (A Major)

Op.46 Six Duets

  1. Evening (I.Surikov), for soprano and mezzo-soprano
  2. Edward (Scottish Ballad, translation by A.K.Tolstoy), for soprano and baritone
  3. Tears (F.Tyutchev), for soprano and mezzo-soprano
  4. In the garden, near the ford (I.Surikov after Shevchenko), for soprano and mezzo-soprano
  5. Passion spent (A.K.Tolstoy), for soprano and tenor
  6. Dawn (I.Surikov), for soprano and mezzo-soprano

Op.47 Seven Songs

  1. If only I had known (A.K.Tolstoy)
  2. Softly the spirit flew up to heaven (A.K.Tolstoy)
  3. Dusk fell on earth (N.Berg after Mickiewicz)
  4. Sleep, pour friend (A.K.Tolstoy)
  5. I bless you, forests (A.K.Tolstoy)
  6. Does the day reign? (A.Apukhtin)
  7. Was I not a little blade of grass? (I.Surikov)

Op.48 Serenade for Strings (C Major)

Op.49 1812, Festival Overture (E-flat Major)

Op.50 Piano Trio (a Minor)

Op.51 Six Pieces, Piano

  1. Valse de salon (A-flat Major)
  2. Polka peu dansante (b Minor)
  3. Menuetto scherzoso (E-flat Major)
  4. Natha-valse (A Major)
  5. Romance (F Major)
  6. Valse sentimentale (f Minor)

Op.52 Vesper Service, unaccompanied Chorus

Op.53 Suite No.2, Orch. (C Major)

Op.54 Sixteen Childrens Songs

  1. Granny and grandson (Babushka) (A.Pleshcheyev)
  2. The little bird (A.Pleshcheyev)
  3. Spring (A.Pleshcheyev)
  4. My little garden (A.Pleshcheyev)
  5. Legend: When Jesus Christ was but a little child (A.Pleshcheyev)
  6. On the bank (A.Pleshcheyev)
  7. Winter evening (A.Pleshcheyev)
  8. The cuckoo (A.Pleshcheyev after C.Gellert)
  9. Spring (The snow is already melting) (A.Pleshcheyev)
  10. Lullaby in a storm (A.Pleshcheyev)
  11. The flower (A.Pleshcheyev after L.Ratisbonne)
  12. Winter (A.Pleshcheyev)
  13. Spring song (A.Pleshcheyev)
  14. Autumn (A.Pleshcheyev)
  15. The swallow (I.Surikov after T.Lenartowicz)
  16. Child's song (K.Axakov)

Op.54/5 Legend, unaccompanied Chorus (arrangement of a solo song)

Op.55 Suite No.3, Orch. (G Major)

Op.56 Concert Fantasia, Piano, Orch. (G Major)

Op.57 Six Songs

  1. Tell me, what in the shade of the branches (V.Sollogub)
  2. On the golden cornfields (A.K.Tolstoy)
  3. Do not ask (A.Strugovshchikov after J.W.v.Goethe)
  4. Sleep (D.Merezhkovsky)
  5. Death (D.Merezhkovsky)
  6. Only thou alone (A.Pleshcheyev after A.Kristen)

Op.58 Manfred, Symphony (b Minor)

Op.59 Dumka: Russian rustic Scene, Piano (c Minor)

Op.60 Twelve Songs

  1. Last night (A.Khomyakov)
  2. I'll tell you nothing (A.Fet)
  3. O, if only you knew (A.Pleshcheyev)
  4. The nightingale (A.Pushkin after V.Stefanovic Karadzic)
  5. Simple words (Tchaikovsky)
  6. Frenzied nights (A.Apukhtin)
  7. Gypsy's song (Y.Polonsky)
  8. Forgive (N.Nekrasov)
  9. Night (Y.Polonsky)
  10. Behind the window in the shadow (Y.Polonsky)
  11. Exploit (A.Khomyakov)
  12. The mild stars shone for us (A.Pleshcheyev)

Op.61 Suite No.4, Orch. (G Major) ("Mozartiana")

Op.62 Pezzo capriccioso, Cello, Orch. (b Minor)

Op.63 Six Songs (Grand Duke Konstantin Romanov)

  1. I did not love you at first
  2. I opened the window
  3. I do not please you
  4. The first meeting
  5. The fires in the rooms were already out
  6. Serenade: O child, beneath thy window

Op.64 Symphony No.5 (e Minor)

Op.65 Six Songs

  1. Serenade (Ou vas-tu, souffle d'aurore) (E.Turquety)
  2. Deception (P.Collin)
  3. Serenade (J'aime dans le rayon de la limpide aurore) (P.Collin)
  4. Qu'importe que l'hiver (P.Collin)
  5. Les larmes (A.-M.Blanchecotte)
  6. Rondel (P.Collin)

Op.66 Sleeping Beauty, Ballet

Op.67 Hamlet, Fantasy Overture (f Minor)

Op.67a Hamlet, Incidental Music

Op.68 The Queen of Spades, Opera

Op.69 Iolanta, Opera

Op.70 Souvenir de Florence, Str. Sextet (D Major)

Op.71 The Nutcracker, Ballet

Op.71a The Nutcracker, Suite from the Ballet

Op.72 Eighteen Pieces, Piano

  1. Impromptu (f Minor)
  2. Berceuse (A-flat Major)
  3. Tendres reproches (c-sharp Minor)
  4. Danses caractéristiques (D Major)
  5. Méditation (D Major)
  6. Mazurque pour danser (B-flat Major)
  7. Polacca de concert (E-flat Major)
  8. Dialogue (B Major)
  9. Un poco di Schumann (D-flat Major)
  10. Scherzo-fantaisie (e-flat Minor)
  11. Valse bleuette (E-flat Major)
  12. L'espiègle (E Major)
  13. Echo rustique (E-flat Major)
  14. Chant élégiaque (D-flat Major)
  15. Un poco di Chopin (c-sharp Minor)
  16. Valse à cinq temps (D Major)
  17. Passé lointain (E-flat Major)
  18. Scène dansante (invitation au trépak) (C Major)

Op.73 Six Songs (D.M.Rathaus)

  1. We sat together
  2. Night
  3. In this moonlight
  4. The sun has set
  5. Mid sombre days
  6. Again, as before, alone

Op.74 Symphony No.6 (b minor) ("Pathetique")

Op.75 Piano Concerto No.3 (E-flat Major)

Op.76 The Storm, Overture (E Major)

Op.77 Fate, Symphonic Poem (c Minor)

Op.78 The Voyevoda, Symphonic Ballad (a Minor)

Op.79 Andante, Finale, Piano, Orch. (B-flat Major, E-flat Major), unfinished

Op.80 Piano Sonata (c-sharp Minor)

Works without Opus Numbers

Eugene Onegin, Opera, 1877-78

Mazeppa, Opera, 1881-83

The Maid of Orleans, Opera, 1878-9, revised 1882

Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy Overture after Shakespeare (b Minor) 1869, revised 1870, 1880