Uncalibrated Stereo Vision

A CS 766 Project
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Fall 2004


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Reference Material

CMU's Computer Vision Source Code Listing - Good reference site for existing approaches to play with
Columbia's Epipolar Geometry Explanation - Another explanation of epipolar geometry
OpenCV - an extensive library of computer vision tools
Middlebury Stereo Vision Page - Another useful stereo vision resource. Contains reference implementations of a number of calibrated correspondence techniques, as well as performance characterizations.

Useful Papers

D. Scharstein and R. Szeliski. A Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Two-Frame Stereo Correspondence Algorithms, IJCV, 2002.
S. Birchfield and C. Tomasi. Depth Discontinuities by Pixel-to-Pixel Stereo. ICCV, pages 1073-1080, January 1998.
M. Pilu. A Direct Method for Stereo Correspondence based on Singular Value Decomposition. Proc. CVPR, 1997
R. Hartley. In Defense of the 8-point algorithm. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 1997
C. Loop and Z. Zhang. Computing Rectifying Homographies for Stereo Vision. Microsoft Technical Report, April 1999.