Guest Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I have given multiple guest lectures to the graduate level special topics course on visualization. These lectures have focues on aspects of perception in visualization and approaches to perceptually-driven visualization design and on understanding interaction in information visualization. I also had an opportunity to design new curriculum for color in computer graphics for the undergraduate graphics course.

Human-Computer Interaction Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I served as the TA for Prof. Bilge Mutlu for the first graduate-level HCI course taught in the Computer Sciences department. I assisted students with concepts from HCI and research methodology from a bi-weekly lecture course. I helped grade assignments and assisted with general course scheduling and administration.

Introduction to Computer Programming Laboratory Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

I supervised four sections of semester-long hands-on programming sessions for an introductory programming course taught in Java. I also held weekly consulting hours to help students one-on-one with coursework and concepts.

Math and English Instructional Assistant, Kumon of Redmond

I helped students with one-on-one instruction through personalized curriculum for both math and reading subjects for K-12 students. I served as the advanced mathematics instructor, helping students with concepts from arithmetic through calculus. Additional duties included assisting with student evaluation and curriculum modification.