Computer Sciences Dept.

CS/ECE 552 Introduction to Computer Architecture Spring 2010 Section 1
Instructor David A. Wood and T. A. Tony Nowatzki
URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~david/courses/cs552/S10/

Switch to Modelsim 6.3

To use the modelsim 6.3, you will need to add one line to your 'bash' or 'csh' shell setup files.  These files (.bashrc.local or .cshrc.local) are located in your home directory.


To see what shell you are using, run this command:

echo $0

Depending on the result (bash or csh), add the following lines to the indicated file.

Important: This line need to go before the line (MGC_HOME=/s/mentor/MGC_HOME-2004) in your config file.

CSH / TCSH (edit .cshrc.local)

 set path = ($path /s/mentor/common/modeltech-6.3/modeltech/bin)

BASH (edit .bashrc.local)

export PATH=$PATH:/s/mentor/common/modeltech-6.3/modeltech/bin

Now type the following to your shell (start in your home directory):

source .cshrc.local (or .bashrc.local)

To start modelSim 6.3 enter command "vsim" in the terminal.

If modelsim 5.8 still comes up, please let Tony know immediately. (or if it crashes.. etc.)

Important: When using 6.3 with wsrun.pl, you should probably turn off optimization (for compatibility). To do this do:

wsrun.pl -args -novopt … etc

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