CS 202 Fall 2011: Lecture Schedule

This course is divided into three parts. Each part focuses on solving a particular problem, first motivating why the problem is interesting and then delving into the specific techniques used to solve multiple sub-problems. Each of the three parts concludes with an in-class exam.

Part 1 (Weeks 1 - 5): How can computation solve problems that require interacting with people (e.g., winning a game against a human competitor)?

Part 2 (Weeks 6 - 10): How can computation solve complex problems by using lots of data?

Part 3 (Weeks 11 - 15): How do modern computers work?

Follow the links below (under the Question column) to obtain a copy of the slides shown in class. The slides may not be available until each day's lecture. More info about the optional readings is available here.

  Question - How do computers... Answer! Homework Media Code
Wk 0
09/02 What will you learn in CS 202? Lots of things! Read web pages   Gallery
Wk 1
09/05 Labor Day - No Class
09/07 Act intelligent? AI CG Writing
09/09 Solve problems? Algorithms! HW1:Website+GWAP Cube Maze: Wall Deadend
Wk 2
09/12 Know what to do? Programming Languages! Scratch Reference Guide   Simple Code
09/14 Make Art? Sequential blocks!   Screencast, Ted Talk: Golan Levin House+Trees+Stars, Random Blobs, Spirals
09/16 Show animated stories? Abstraction!   Screencast Story
Wk 3
09/19 Make decisions? If statements! HW2:Art If You Liked This... TV Rec
9/21 Remember things? Variables!     Fish Chomp, Adventure
9/23 Run things simultaneously? Concurrency!     Race Conditon, Monkey, Bug On Plate
Wk 4
09/26 Play simple games? More variables! HW3:Story+Recs   Code: Counting Identify, 2p Monkey
09/28 Understand humans? Natural language processing!
09/30 Interact with humans? Social robots Slides only accessible at UW
Wk 5
10/03 Guess what happens? Probability Trials! HW4:Game+Translate   Code: Coin flips Monty Hall PI Tennis
10/05 Win games?Decision trees!   Chess Interactive slideshow
10/07 Exam 1 Review  
Wk 6
10/10 Exam 1
10/12 Solve problems with lots of data?
10/14 Visualize Data? Lists!   Video:AlloSphere Video:Data sets Code: Symmetry Draw Function Y-Scaled
Wk 7
10/17 Find stuff? Searching!     Code
10/19 Find stuff faster? Binary Searching!     Code
10/21 Find goal? Optimization! HW 5:Music+Viz   Mozart Code
Wk 8
10/24 Analyze text? Histograms! No Slides - HW 6 Help Tally Code Stamp Code
10/26 Sort data? Selection and Insertion!   Selection sort: 2 lists 1 list animation Insertion sort
10/28 Teach the world? Digital StudyHall! HW6:wordle+searches Watch Harvey Mudd Dec'09. 48min Reading Reading
Wk 9
10/31 Sort faster? Merge and Quick! Qsort animation Dance
11/02 Find web pages? Index!
11/04 Simulate life? Simulation! HW7:Trends+Sorting   Disease
Wk 10
11/07 Share secrets? Cryptography!
11/09 Reach their limits? P vs NP!   TSP game
11/11 Exam 2 Review   HW8:Trivia
Wk 11
11/14 Exam 2
11/16 Represent information? Bits!     Binary game
11/18 Represent words, pictures, sound? Encode in binary!
Wk 12
11/21 Act logically? Gates and truth tables! HW9:Bases+Gigapan   E=NOT D and S, Not formulas
11/23 TED Technology talk
11/25 Thanksgiving
Wk 13
11/28 Calculate? Circuits!   Adder
11/30 Remember? Memory! HW10:TED Video: Library, Video: Disk drives
12/02 Execute instructions? CPU! Project Proposal
Wk 14
12/05 Run multiple apps? Operating Systems!
12/07 Communicate? Networks! Project Draft
12/09 Handle Failures? Logic of Liars vs. Truth Tellers!     Code
Wk 15
12/12 Project Demos   Project Due
12/14 Final Review
12/21 (Wed) Final Exam 2:45PM - 4:45PM Noland 132


Fall 2010
Time: MWF 9:55-10:45
Room: 1221 CS
Lab: 1370 CS (1st floor)

Prof Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau
Office Hours
Mon 11-12, Wed 11-12
7375 Computer Sciences
Email: dusseau "at" cs.wisc.edu

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