• [Fri Dec 13] Your final report is officially due Monday night (12/16); however, you may have until Wednesay (12/18) by 9am with no penalty. See here for more guidelines.
  • [Wed Dec 4] The scanned pdf document of all the notes (2 sided) that everyone wrote together to review for the final exam. Oops: notes for Monitors and Eraser are separate here.
  • [Tue Dec 3] The slides with advice for giving your final project talk.
  • [Tue Dec 3] Notes or slides from all lectures have been posted.
  • [Wed Nov 13] The Jeff Dean talk we watched during lecture.
  • [Thu Nov 7]CHANGE IN READING! For Friday, we will be reading the Differentiated Storage Services paper and postponing NFS and AFS until Monday. Friday's lecture will be held in CS 2310 as part of a talk open to others.
  • [Mon Nov 4] Sign up for a 10-minute project update meeting here
  • [Mon Nov 4] See here for the assignment of letter grades to midterm exam scores.
  • [Mon Oct 28] A related work report is due for your project on Monday, Nov 4.
  • [Wed Oct 16] Here is the scanned pdf document of all the notes (2 sided) that everyone wrote together in class for the midterm review.
  • [Tue Oct 15] Send a 1 sentence description of what you plan on doing for your final project by Wednesday (10/16). Send a longer project proposal by Monday (10/21). More infromation about what you need to turn in for your project proposal is available.
  • [Mon Oct 14] Some sample questions for a midterm are available here.
  • [Mon Oct 7] Sign up for a 15-minute initial project meeting (with your project partner, if possible) here.
  • [Mon Oct 7] A list of project suggestions is available here. Note that you can only access this file from a machine.
  • [Mon Oct 7] The midterm exam covering the overview material, OS structure, and file and storage systems has been scheduled for Friday October 18th.
  • [Mon Oct 7] Please attend Ousterhout's talk Thursday 10/10 from 12:00-1:00 in CS 1240 on RAMCloud.
  • [Mon Sep 30] Responses for reading questions up through HYDRA (or Exokernel) have been entered in learn@UW.
  • [Thu Sep 19] Class has moved! We will be in 119 Noland from now on. See you there!
  • [Mon Sep 16] If you are interested in using the Emulab machines for your mini-project (or for your yet-to-be-determined final project), you can go to their site to find out more and to sign-up for an account. You should join the existing project "CS739", which I can approve.
  • [Fri Sep 6] The mini-project is available here. It is due Friday, Sept 27.
  • [Fri Sep 6] Remember that questions about each lecture's reading are due by 11:00 the day of class. Send your answers by email with the subject "736: DATE_DUE". Keep your answers brief: 3 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences each at most.


    Welcome to graduate-level operating systems! This course will cover an exciting range of topics within the broad field of operating systems, focusing on basic operating system structure, memory management, process scheduling and resource management, and file systems and storage servers. We will examine influential historical systems as well as important current efforts. We will extract lessons both on how to build systems and how to evaluate them. The two major components of the course are the reading and the projects.

    Meeting Details

    Note that class is scheduled to meet for an hour and 15 minutes, but we have the Monday, Wednesday, Friday slot. Thus, we only have to meet on average, two out of the three days. Throughout the semester we will meet on different days. Although a tentative schedule is posted on this page, you must keep 1 - 2:15 free on all Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the semester, in case I change the schedule. You'll also note that we will hold all events within these scheduled class hours (i.e., reviewing for exams, the exam itself, and student project presentations); because of these events, we end up meeting more than an average of two times a week.


    We assume that you have taken an undergraduate operating system course, such as CS537. In CS736, we will assume that you are in command of this material and we will not review undergraduate content. If you are unsure of your background, please come and talk with me.

    Mailing lists:

    Important announcements will be sent to the class mailing list. You are responsible for the material sent to that list, so make sure that you read your e-mail frequently.

    Please see the links along the left-hand side of this page for more information about the course.

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