Project Reports

To finalize your projects, you need to write up a report. Your report can likely follow the same format as your talk.

The report is officially due by Monday night 12/16. If you really want the extra time, you won't be penalized if you submit your report before 9am on Wednesday morning.

Your report should be no longer than 12 pages, including figures, tables, and references, using 10 point or larger fonts. The paper should be single-spaced (two-column is preferred but not required). Remember to spell check and read through for grammatical issues.

Papers must be submitted in PDF. Just send it to me through email.

A good paper will likely have the following components:

  1. Title and Author List
  2. Abstract: Describe in short what you do, how you do it, and the results.
  3. Introduction: Motivate the problem. Start with generalities, and narrow in on your problem. Describe your approach. What is good about it? Potential weaknesses? Summarize results. EMPHASIZE any work that is new since your talk. Give an outline of the rest of the paper.
  4. Design and Implementation: Description of what you did/built. Use pictures and words to show what you did. Be detailed. Think about how to organize what you are doing.
  5. Results: Graphs and tables, all clear and understandable. Full description of each experiment and the results. What is the point of each graph? What conclusions can you draw from it?
  6. Related Work: You can include the related work report you submitted earlier in the semester; update it as needed.
  7. Conclusions: Appropriately drawn from the work described, as general as possible, with a hint of lessons learned. What did you get out of the study? Summarize what you did. Draw conclusions about what you actually learned. Remember that conclusions are not wishful thinking!


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