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Cristian Estan — patents and patent applications

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  • Cristian Estan, Karu Sankaralingam, "Lookup Engine with Programmable Memory Topology", patent pending - filed by WARF in March 2009
  • Cristian Estan, Randy Smith, Somesh Jha, "Using Extended Finite Automata to Match Multiple Complex Signatures", patent pending - filed by WARF in February 2008
  • George Varghese, Sumeet Singh, Stefan Savage, Cristian Estan, "Detecting Public Network Attacks Using Signatures and Fast Content Analysis", patent pending - filed by UCSD in April 2004
  • Xun Wilson Huang, Cristian Estan, S. Keshav, "Method and System to Provide Multiple Virtual Superusers in an Operating System", patent pending - U.S. patent 7,219,354

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