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Network devices use increasingly sophisticated methods to recognize malicious traffic and various categories of traffic to be given lower priority. The main focus of my research is on the algorithmic and architectural aspects of controlling network traffic and protecting from network security threats. To find out more about my research see my publication list sorted by the time of publication, grouped by subject area, or grouped by the type of venue they were published in (journal, conference, workshop, etc.).

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Extramural funding

In reverse chronological order of grant start date/ date of gift.
  • December 2007, gift from Cisco Systems through Cisco Collaborative Research Initiative, in support of work on "High performance signature matching" with Somesh Jha - $97,000
  • July 2007 - June 2010, grant 0716538 from NSF with co-PI Somesh Jha, "CT-ISG: Alternate representation of NIDS/NIPS signatures for fast matching" - $350,000
  • October 2006 - September 2008, grant 0627102 from NSF (as co-PI) with PI Paul Barford and co-PI Suman Banerjee, "NeTS-FIND: Design for Manageability in the Next Generation Internet" - $650,000
  • October 2006, gift from Cisco Systems through University Research Program, in support of work on "High performance intrusion prevention in software" - $90,000
  • July 2006 - June 2011, grant 0546585 from NSF, "CAREER: Extracting network usage information from traffic" - $430,000

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