Computer Sciences Dept.

  • Development of a framework for e-Governance applications [Fall 2003-04]
    Supervisor: Prof. S Balasubramaniam, Head, Dept. of Computer Science and Info. System, BITS Pilani; and
    Prof. Aditya P. Mathur, Associate Dean/Professor Computer Science, Purdue University.
    This project was a part of the Software Engineering course and was adjudged as the best project among the 16 class-projects. It involved application of Software Engineering principles of Object-oriented analysis, design and the Unified process to develop a framework (in Java) for modeling and design of e-Governance applications.

  • Wavelet based image compression [Fall 2003-04]
    Supervisor: Dr. RR Mishra, Group Leader, Physics Department, BITS Pilani.
    In this project, I studied various wavelet based image decomposition algorithms. The simple DAUB4 discrete wavelet transform was implemented and tested for its performance. I also explored the techniques for embedded image coding using zerotrees of wavelet coefficients.

  • Multimedia proxy caching for video streaming applications [Fall 2003-04]
    Supervisor: Dr. G Raghurama, Professor and Dean, BITS Pilani.
    I studied the various proxy caching algorithms for real-time video streaming objects over the Internet. The traces for scalable, layered video objects that can better deal with the problems of client bandwidth heterogeneity and congestion control were used for the experiments and the performance of layered proxy caching with fine-grained replacement scheme for video objects was evaluated.

  • Ambient Calculus for inter-domain access control [Spring 2002-03]
    Supervisor: Prof. S Balasubramaniam, Head, Dept. of Computer Science and Info. System, BITS Pilani.
    This project involved exploring the Formal methods for security. I studied process calculi based approaches for verification of security protocols. In particular, I looked into Spi Calculus and Ambient Calculus and the use of Type Systems and Bisimulation techniques for proving properties of security protocols.

  • Design and implementation of a generic image/video codec [Fall 2002-03]
    Supervisor: Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, Group Leader, Dept. of Computer Science and Info. System, BITS Pilani.
    A modular and portable testbed was developed for experimenting with image and video coding and decoding techniques. This can be used as an educational tool in Multimedia courses and provides modules relevant to JPEG and H.261 that can be selected to build a codec. The user can also perform tests with different parameters. For example, for video coding, different Block Matching Algorithms (BMA) can be tested for different input streams.

  • Characterization of 3D objects such as cancer cells from sliced image files [Summer 2001-02]
    Supervisor: Dr. R. Rastogi, Scientific Officer (H), Computer Science Division, BARC, Mumbai.
    This project involved various applications for characterization of 3D objects using Volvis software. After the identification and labeling of connected components in an image, Fast Fourier transform and morphological filters such as dilation, erosion, opening and closing were used to analyze the sliced images of cells. Animation by rotating the image along different axis was also implemented.

  • Project BITS-WearComp [Spring 2001-02]
    Supervisor: Prof. Rahul Banerjee, Head of CSD (Centre for Software Development), BITS Pilani.
    I was part of the founding team of the Project BITS-WearComp.

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