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Fall 2007:
STAT 709: Mathematical Statistics I                          (Prof. Zhengjun Zhang)
STAT 831: Measure Theoretic Probability                  (Prof. Timo Seppäläinen)
STAT 849: Statistical Methods and Applications I      (Prof. Sunduz Keles)
Spring 2008:
STAT 710: Mathematical Statistics II                         (Prof. Jun Shao)
STAT 850: Statistical Methods and Applications II     (Prof. Wei-Yin Loh)
STAT 992: Statistical methods for molecular biology (Prof. Michael A. Newton)
Fall 2008:
STAT 775: Introduction to Bayesian Decision and Control (Prof. K. Tsui)
STAT 851: Generalized Linear Models                (Prof. Richard Chappell)
CS 726: Nonlinear Optimization                         (Prof. Stephen Wright)
CS 412: Introduction to Numerical Methods               (Prof. Ron Amos)
Spring 2009:
STAT 741: Survival Analysis                       (Prof. Adin-Cristian Andrei)
STAT 771: Statistical Computing                  (Prof. Michael A. Newton)
STAT 698(642): Statistical Methods in Epidemiology  (Prof. Sijian Wang)
Fall 2009:
STAT 998: Statistical Consulting                         (Prof. Rick Nordheim)
STAT 641: Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials      (Prof. Thomas Cook)
Genetics 466: General Genetics                   (Prof. Allen Laughon)
Spring 2010:
STAT 761: Multivariate Analysis                       (Prof. Zhengjun Zhang)
CS 838: Visualization                               (Prof. Michael Gleicher)