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Markus Иван Peloquin

ˈmaɹkəs pølœˈkɛ̃

I'm a former graduate student in computer science, specifically systems. I have an MS from the University of Wisconsin, so you may call me Master. I also have a BS from the University of Minnesota, because Minnesota is so danged awesome. Now I live in Seattle, WA.

This is my listing of junk that I find useful, organized in a sleek and sophisticated web-1.0 interface. I figure somebody out there will agree on it's usefulness, and benefit from my hard work. If not, at least this stuff is less likely to inadvertently disappear than on my old laptop (thanks to ext4: time vampire).

My code. Possibly useful.

My github account. Full of things and hidden wisdom.

My other website. Takes up space.

class projects and etc

Sorted by the time before ∞, descending. I usually withheld other authors, and I will tell you if you like. I don't like it when weirdos contact them because they found the paper listed here.


I use Gentoo Linux and OpenBSD-current. My first Unix was Slackware (born in my home state of Minnesota [Moorhead counts just barely]). I never say Gnu/Linux except in derision, mostly because I hate GNU, and mostly because GNU is at best a part of the distribution. I'm really more of a BSD guy.

C++ is the best language ever, not because it is ideal but because you can do anything you need to do with ease (as compared to C). Python is #2 because everybody needs a high level language, and Python is pretty clean. I wish I used it more. Perl is #3 because it's amazing how tall they built that tower out of straw.


(Ł) Litecoin. I enjoy that up until the very near future, it has only been possible to mine them with commodity hardware (currently, AMD GPGPGUs). I also appreciate that it, like Bitcoin, is exhaustible, uncontrollable, and moderately anonymous.

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