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04/08:  Added some audios and few other minor updates.
09/18:  Added some more audios.

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Welcome to Rammstein Live.  I have been a huge Rammstein fan since 1997 and have been collecting various Rammstein material since then.  I collect many things, including promotional materials, limited edition releases, and magazines but my biggest interest is live recordings - hence the title of my page.  Since most live recordings come from individual fans, I decided to create this page to connect with other traders and to serve as a convenient location for my list.  I have included detailed information about various recordings that have surfaced over the years as well as a list of my other collectibles to serve as a resource for other collectors out there. 

Like any other big fan, I am always interested in hearing new stuff.  So check out my list, and if you have anything that I don't, let me know.  If you have any questions or friendly comments, feel free to contact me after checking my FAQ.