Computer Sciences Dept.


Ramakrishna Varadarajan

Postdoctoral Research Associate

4378, Department of Computer Sciences,

1210 West Dayton Street,

University of Wisconsin-Madison,

WI 53706-1685.

Office tel: 608-890-0015.

Email: ramkris(at)cs.wisc.edu

Picture of Ramakrishna Varadarajan


Teaching Experience:

Instructed COP-2250 – “Programming in Java” during Spring 2008 at Florida International University.

Also, worked as a Teaching Assistant in Florida International University for the following classes:

CGS-2100 Computer Applications for Business.

CGS-2518 Computer Data Analysis.

CGS-2060 Introduction to Microcomputers.

COP 3530 Data Structures.

COP-4540 Database Management.

COP 4610 Operating Systems Principles.

COP-5725 Principles of Database Management.


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