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Rohit Koul

Graduate Student

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M.S. Computer Science, University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI, USA (pursuing since Fall 2009 - expected Summer 2011)

B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India   (Aug 2002- May 2006)

Relevant Courses (Grad)          [Projects]

Spring 2011:
  • COMP SCI CS 838 -  Topics in Model Checking
  • COMP SCI CS 701 -  Distributed Systems *
  • COMP SCI CS 799 -  Master's Research 
Fall 2010:
  • MATH    MATH 567 -  Elementary Number Theory
  • COMP SCI CS 642 -  Introduction to Information Security
  • COMP SCI CS 701 -  Construction of Compilers *
  • COMP SCI CS 799 -  Master's Research 
Spring 2010:
  • COMP SCI CS 736 -  Advanced Operating Systems *
  • COMP SCI CS 740 -  Advanced Computer Networks
  • COMP SCI CS 799 -  Master's Research 
Fall 2009:
  • COMP SCI CS 838 - Topics in Computing (Re-thinking the Internet Architecture - From Theory to Practice) 
  • COMP SCI CS 640 - Introduction to Computer Networks *
  • COMP SCI CS 799 - Master's Research 
(*ed ones point to their latest offering (not necessarily the ones I took))

Relevant CS/Maths Courses (Undergrad)

2005 - 2006
Inter-Networking Technologies
Network Programming

2004 - 2005
Data Structures and Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Digital Electronics and Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Programming Languages & Compiler Construction, Computer Networks, Advanced Computer Organization, Real Time Systems,  Artificial Intelligence, Numerical Analysis, Optimization

2003 - 2004
Computer Programming II , Mathematics III (Differential Equations) Discrete Mathematics , Microprocessor Programming and Interfacing

2002 - 2003
Mathematics I (Advanced Calculus), Mathematics II (Linear Algebra), Probability and Statistics, Computer Programming I

Teaching Experience

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India

1. Teaching Assistant ( CS C461 Computer Networks, Spring 2006)
2. Professional Assistant (EA ZC451 Inter-networking Technologies, Fall 2005)
Responsible for developing course work. Also conducted labs and doubt clearing sessions for the students.


3. Network Security Forum (NSF)
NSF is was an in-house technical platform / forum (at BITS, Pilani) designed to discuss various issues related to Network and Information Security.
*  Re-kindled the forum during my tenure as a Secretary in 2005-2006.
* Served as a Group Leader for both cryptography and web & shell hacking groups
·* Responsible for tutoring junior undergraduates and conducting weekly discussions, seminars and workshops on security.
·* Designed and co-ordinated Swordfizz – the nation wide online web-hacking contest, 2006

Skill Set

Platforms: Linux, Unix, Win 9.x/ NT/XP, Solaris, QNX
Programming: C, Java & Shell Script, PHP (high); C++, Ruby, JS, AJAX,     Perl (medium); Python, Tcl, 80x86 (familiar)
Frameworks: J2EE, Rails
Application Servers: Oracle Weblogic, OC4J, Apache Tomcat
Database Technologies: Oracle 10g,MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL,
Hardware Languages:  Verilog HDL
Others: Identity management, TCP/IP, Sockets, XML, HTML, MATLAB,         FPGA (Model Sim, Leonardo Spectrum) Adobe Photoshop, MS Tools,     MASM, WireShark, Nmap, Tcpdump, NSNam, NSTrace


Here is a brief list  of my Awards/Honors 


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