Vamsi K. Ithapu

MAJOR       Computer Sciences (PhD)
MINORS       Electrical and Computer Engineering, Statistics


Spring 2016     Spectral Methods in Statistics and Machine Learning (ECE 901)

Fall 2016     Large-scale Machine Learning and Optimization (ECE 901)

Fall 2015     Theory and Application of Regression and Analysis of Variance-I (STAT 849)     Theory and Methods for Social Network Analysis (STAT 992)

Spring 2014     Graphical Models (STAT 992)     Principles of Programming Languages (CS 704)

Fall 2014     Computational Cognitive Sciences (BMI 841)     Mathematical Statistics I (STAT 609)

Spring 2013     Statistical Learning Theory (ECE 901)     Introduction to Computational Statistics (STAT 471)

Fall 2013     Statistical Model Building and Learning (STAT 840)     Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials (STAT 641)

Spring 2012     Advanced Bioinformatics (CS 776)     Integer Programming (CS 720)

Fall 2012     Machine Learning (CS 760)     Nonlinear Optimization I (CS 726)

Spring 2011     Advanced Machine Learning (CS 761)     Theory of Information Proc. and Transmission (ECE 729)

Fall 2011     Estimation and Detection Theory (ECE 830)     Signal Synthesis and Recovery Techniques (ECE 735)