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Re: NY Times: Bao Dai, 83, Last Emperor of Vietnam

>          Born Prince Nguyen Vinh Thuy on Oct. 22, 1913, he was
>          given the imperial name Bao Dai ("Keeper of Greatness") on
>          his succession as emperor in 1926, when he was 12. 

Vua Ba?o Dda.i te^n tha^.t la` Nguye^~n Phuo+'c Vi~nh Thu.y chu+' kho^ng
pha?i la` Nguye^~n Vi~nh Thu.y.

Tui chu+a tu+`ng nghe ai gia?i thi'ch nie^n hie^.u Ba?o Dda.i co' nghi~a
la` "ba?o ve^. su+. vi~ dda.i" nhu+ o^ng NYT na`y lua^.n.