Fascinations and Pastimes

A long time ago in a internet far far away ... this page was small and concise. Then I wrote about more fascinations, and more about each fascination. And so it grew long and bulky. Now it is slimmed back to have some of the more brief fascinations, and the others have moved to their own pages... and it looks bland. Oh Well.

Anyway, these are some of the things which interest me, which I enjoy, or which incite me. The content varies between ... an explanation of that the thing or activity is ... to explanations of what to do with it ... to lists of notes I keep on activities for my own prupose.

Some of these things are notes about various fields ... which don't have a better top-link to live in yet.

Bolo's Furry Stuff

Furry ... what does that mean?

I've left that question unanswered in my WWW pages for years. Maybe one of these days I'll actually put a paragraph here. I thought I finally had some words to speak about it, but not enough time to write them just at this moment. Then I forgot. Sigh :(


I never much cared for "ordinary" comics at all. Then one day my world changed. My friend Thomas showed me this wonderful black and white comic called Albedo, a story about Erma Felna and the EDF. The wonderful black and white artwork instead of the bright colors. The attention to story, real characterizations, and .. Furrys. it was wonderful and I was hooked. I soon found another book, Fusion which I also loved to read.

For the longest time I only read the B&W anthropomorphic books, but then I branched out into some comics by more mainstream publishers that caught my eye. Jon Sable, The Green Arrow, The Punisher, Groo, Dreadstar, Alien Legion and a few others caught my eye and my interest. Also special books, such as Frank Miller's Dark Night series captured my interest. Although I said mainstream publishers, I still don't think of anything that I read as a mainstream comic.

Then, one day, I met Manga in the guise of AppleSeed and off I was with a new interest. Also Johji Manabe's .. I forget the works ... interested me. Eventually in a full circle, I became aware of Gold Digger by Fred Perry, coming back to the anthropomorphic comics I'd started out with.

For a few years I basically stopped reading comics; that was during the period that my life went down-hill a bunch. Every very few months (twice a year) I would manage to make it down to my local comic book store, Capital City Comics, and find what comics that Bruce had set aside for me. I'd take them home and read them. I still enjoyed them, but somehow they no longer provided the pleasure they used to. I don't think it was the fault of the comics themselves; some quite good stories, new comics, and plot lines were coming along.


I'm a certified airplane pilot. I haven't been flying in many years, but I always hope to get back to it. Starting in 2000, I've been thinking on-and-off of building a small airplane so I would have something to fly.

Let me update that ... in late 2000 I met a girl whom I cared for. I started flying again so that I could share the wonder of the skys with her, as she shared the beauty and grace of her figure skating with me. It was also the only way I could visit her regularily, for she lives a far distance away. Then something bad happened to me and I had to stop flying again, and I couldn't see her.

Eventually I could start flying again. By then she someone else took aloft for her first flight. That crushed my heart for I could no longer share something precious with her ... someone else had taken that.

I am still flying, working on my Multi-Engine rating during the year of 2002. It took much of the happiness from my flying now that there is no one to share it with. I often wonder about it, she is the entire reason I'm flying again, yet we don't see each other and I haven't taken her flying. Funny world when things don't work out the way you hope.

Anyway, I've expanded the section about aviation and moved it and the information section to my WWW page about flying, please look there!


Everything is a weapon. People seem to miss this fact a lot. Swords are violent and bad. Guns are violent and bad. Knives are violent and bad. People with martial skills are violent and bad. Then they keep on outlawing everyday items one by one. Pretty soon no one will be able to do anything.

While we still have some liberties, you can peruse this collection of firearms links if you have an interest in that. I haven't updated it in a while, since April 2001 or so, but a lot of info should be valid.

One really cool program is the Civilian Marksmanship Program. It is designed to foster the development of marksmanip skills in our civilian population. Information on the CMP has become available online. Unfortunately the CMP is no longer sponsored by the US ARMY, but rather by a private organization.

When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth

This section needs to be split, a section for dinosaurs, and another for newer systems that haven't been killed yet.

Some of the most interesting and promising computers and operating systems of all time are those that have fallen by the wayside. This catastrophic loss is often due to "political" pressure, market-roid decisions, and/or internal compromises.

Not all of these systems are ancient, indeed some are just emerging. However it is likely that the pressure of the market for generic black boxes, combined the short-sightedness of the modern research community[1] will leave these new systems by the wayside.

Lest these hallmark systems be forgotten, many individuals nurture and preserve existing systems of this lineage. All that remains is for others to see the promise which has been tossed to the side of the road as so much trash. Perhaps a newer generation will find the solutions for their problems in these historic systems. By reviving these systems excellent principles and ideals in the systems of the future, perhaps they will live forever, as the other dinosauria do in many others.

Brewing -- Beer

I've been brewing beer on and off since 1986 or so. Heck, I still have some of that beer still in my beer "supply" -- it ages quite well.

I've moved my information about home brewing to a new page, and have added some info for newer beer brewers.

Brewing -- Coffee

The other fine substance one can brew and drink takes a bit less time than beer. That would be the fine drink Coffee that most people know and love, and that some people love to hate!

Well, that's it for now, I'm leaving for today before inserting my coffee URLS. :)

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