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XXXX There is a lot of good content here, but the organization has grown a bit out of control. I need to restructure it a bit to seperate travel from Czech Republic from Czech Language, etc. Until then, kind reader, please accept that this thing has been growing and enjoy the content anyway.

The secret to my travels is that I haven't traveled enough. A surprising amount of my travel has been within 300 miles of Madison WI. Until my trip to Prague in July/August of 2006, my only farther trips were some to Florida, and a trip to Seattle for a Usenix conference and to retrieve my Sun 3x/280. Since then, my 2 Prague trips have shifted the distance balance a bit.

I travel perhaps too regularly via general aviation. In 2006 I drove to Detroit for Confusion, and I realized that it was the first time I drove there in about 2-3 years. Driving made me realize I should keep flying there, it is a more pleasant trip to avoid Chicago.

I acquired a motorcycle in 2006, and hope to be doing some touring soon. Perhaps I'll have some more entries then!

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As I mentioned earlier, the organization is lacking :)

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