Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 710 - Complexity Theory

Fall 2011

Lecture Notes

Below you can find the lecture notes for the Fall 2011 offering of the course. The lecture notes from Spring 2010 and from Spring 2007 are also available, and contain more material on some of the topics but may be less polished.

# Date Topic Scribe
019/6Model of Computation [PDF] [TEX]Jeff Kinne
029/8Universality [PDF] [TEX]Aaron Gorenstein
039/13Reductions and Completeness [PDF] [TEX]Brian Nixon
049/15NP-Completeness [PDF] [TEX]Ozcan Ilikhan
059/22Time-bounded Nondeterminism [PDF] [TEX]Gautam Prakriya
069/27Space-bounded Nondeterminism [PDF] [TEX]Prathmesh Prabhu
079/29The Polynomial-Time Hierarchy [PDF] [TEX]Xi Wu
0810/4Alternation [PDF] [TEX]Sachin Ravi
0910/6Nonuniformity [PDF] [TEX]David Guild
1010/11Circuit Lower Bounds [PDF] [TEX]Li-Hsiang Kuo
1110/13Polynomial Approximation Method [PDF] [TEX]Chetan Rao
1210/18Parallelism [PDF] [TEX]Wenfei Wu
1310/20Randomness [PDF] [TEX]Brian Nixon
1410/25Randomized Classes [PDF] [TEX]David Guild
1510/27Expanders [PDF] [TEX]Li-Hsiang Kuo
1611/1Error Reduction [PDF] [TEX]Aaron Gorenstein
1711/3Space-Bounded Derandomization [PDF] [TEX]Chetan Rao
1811/8Pseudorandomness [PDF] [TEX]Sachin Ravi
1911/10Time-Bounded Derandomization [PDF] [TEX]Ozcan Ilikhan
2011/15Error Correcting Codes [PDF] [TEX]Xi Wu
2111/17Worst-Case to Average-Case Reductions [PDF] [TEX]Gautam Prakriya
2211/22Randomness Extractors [PDF] [TEX]Prathmesh Prabhu
2311/29Counting [PDF] [TEX]Li-Hsiang Kuo
2412/1Approximate Counting [PDF] [TEX]David Guild & Gautam Prakriya
2512/6Counting versus Alternation [PDF] [TEX]Brian Nixon & Sachin Ravi
2612/8Arthur-Merlin Games [PDF] [TEX]Aaron Gorenstein & Chetan Rao
2712/13Interactive Proofs [PDF] [TEX]Xi Wu & Prathmesh Prabhu
2812/15Probabilistically Checkable Proofs Wenfei Wu

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