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International Collegiate Programming Contest

2009-2010 Training Page

The meeting on Tues, Sept. 15th will be held in 1221 CS; the remainder of the meetings will be held in 1325 CS. Our practice schedule is as follows:

Regionals Meeting Agendas

DateDiscussion Topics
Tues, Sep    8th, 6:00pmContest overview, introductions
Tues, Sep  15th, 6:00pm2007 Regionals judge data
Tues, Sep 22nd, 6:00pmGreedy and Basic Graph Algorithms / Binary Search
Tues, Sep  29th, 6:00pmDivide and Conquer / Dynamic Programming
Tues, Oct     6th, 6:00pm Placement Test Discussion / Comp. Geometry
Tues, Oct   13th, 6:00pmNetwork Flow / BFS & Backtracking
Tues, Oct   20th, 6:00pm Team Practice 1 Discussion (judge data)
Tues, Oct   27th, 6:00pm Team Practice 2 Discussion (judge data)
Sat,   Oct    31st Regionals (judge data)
Tues, Nov    3rd, 6:00pmRegionals Debrief

Programming Sessions

Sun, Oct 4th, 1-6pm Individual Placement Test (judge data)
Sun, Oct 18th, 1-6pm Team Practice 1 (judge data)
Sat, Oct. 24th, 12noon-5pm Team Practice 2 (judge data)

Problem Sets

There are several free websites that have ICPC problems listed and allow you to submit problems, and they will automatically score your solution for you just like at the real contest. We will mainly be using practice problems from UVA.

Please create an account on UVA using the password we gave you during the meeting. Once you have registered please send an email to dmalec+icpc@cs.wisc.edu with your user name so that we can track your weekly progress.

All problems expect I/O to done using standard input and standard output. The solution to problems must be written in a single file. If you are programming in Java the application class should be called "Main".

Greedy and Basic Graph Algorithms / Binary Search

Is There a Second Way Left?
Selfdescribing Sequence
The Trip, 2007
Closest Sums
A Careful Approach

Divide and Conquer / Dynamic Programming

Coin Changing Again
Winning Streak
Power of Matrix
The Twin Towers
Beautiful Points
Dividing Coins

Network Flow

Power Transmission
Sorting Slides
Collector's Problem
Shogi Tournament
NASA Experiment

Computational Geometry

Chainsaw Massacre
Herding Frosh
River Crossing

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