Video Visualization and Interaction

While the advances in video technologies make video ubiquitous, the gap between the growing capability to produce video and the limited human capability to process video becomes even wider. Our goal is to develop video visualization and interaction technologies that assist users in browsing and analyzing video data. Our work has led to two Best Paper Honorable Mention Awards at ACM CHI conferences. ACM CHI is the premier conference in human computer interaction and attracts around 2000 attendees annually. Below is a list of projects and papers on this topic.
Gaze-based Notetaking for Learning from Lecture Videos
Cuong Nguyen and Feng Liu
ACM CHI 2016. PDF  Website
Hotspot: Making Computer Vision More Effective for Human Video Surveillance
Cuong Nguyen, Wu-chi Feng, and Feng Liu
Information Visualization, 2016. PDF  Website
Making Software Tutorial Video Responsive
Cuong Nguyen
and Feng Liu
ACM CHI 2015. PDF  Website  (best paper honorable mention award)
Direct Manipulation Video Navigation on Touch Screens
Cuong Nguyen, Yuzhen Niu, and Feng Liu
ACM MobileHCI 2014. PDF Website
Direct Manipulation Video Navigation in 3D
Cuong Nguyen, Yuzhen Niu, and Feng Liu.
ACM CHI 2013. PDF  Website (Best Paper Honorable Mention Award)
Video Summagator: An Interface for Video Summarization and Navigation
Cuong Nguyen, Yuzhen Niu, and Feng Liu.
ACM CHI 2012. PDF  Website