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November 23, 1999 Burt paper presented at LISA 99 is available
May 12, 1999 Burt v2.4.7 is available
February 11, 1999 Daily ChangeLog is online
October 15, 1998 Burt v2.4.1 is available
August 27, 1998 Burt Backup Type Repository is online

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Burt, the backup and recovery tool, is an extension for Tcl/Tk 8.0 designed to perform backups to and recoveries from tapes. A Burt installation consists of the Burt extension module and a set of Tcl/Tk 8.0 scripts to make use of that module to perform backups.

Burt can backup virtually any system imaginable because of its integration with Tcl/Tk. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Computer Sciences Department, we use Burt to backup about 350 workstations and a substantial AFS filespace, for a total of roughly 750 GB of data.

Why Burt is better than the rest

There are a few reasons why Burt is better than, say, Amanda or any other backup software available. Here's a brief list detailing some of those reasons.

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