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Jim Hill
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Research Interests:
Computer Animation, Computer Graphics, and Distributed Computing


I'm currently a graduate student working towards a masters degree in Computer Science. My main interests are computer graphics and computer animation and I hope to some day working in either the film industry creating special effects or the game industry.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2006 graduating with a 3.7 gpa giving me high honors. During my time at MSOE, I also received minors in both physics and mathematics.

During my senior year at MSOE I interned at Custom Computer Services where I worked on custom embedded software for numerous clients, distributed display technology, and a real time embedded operating system.

After CCS I worked for a year and half for Stark Investments. For the first six months I worked on data collection and aggregation for for a trading team in Boston. This work was done for the IT team using the Java programming language on Windows. After that work I was moved to Starks quantitative trading team due to my experience in C++. I worked mainly on Linux supporting trading operations. This included data collection and processing, but also enhancing the team home made trading system. Unfortunaly the team was dismantled when the recession began.

I was hired at Quad Tech, a sub company of Quad Graphics. This job brought me back to embedded system development. Using OS9000, I developed realtime applications for controlling magazing finishing machines. My time at Quad culminated with the addition of transfer functionality to the main system allowing books to move from lug controlled sections to belt controlled sections. After getting accepted into Madison's Computer Science department I decided that I would work towards my Master Degree full time.

Here at Madison, I am working for the Condor Team writing distibuted computing software. The team atmosphere is great and I really enjoy the work that I'm doing which currently includes High Frequency Computing.

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