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Here I list a bunch of the projects I have worked on over the years. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I am very proud of the ones that are listed. These project span in time from the beginning of my time at CCS to the present.

Just a quick warning, this site is a work in progress so some of the links may not go anywhere.

  • MSOE Hedge Maze A hedge maze game writen in Direct X.
  • Pic Cube A distributed display using 64 Pic18 processors.
  • Pic RTOS A real time cooperative operating system for the pic16 and pic18 microcontrollers.
  • Pic OS A preemtive operating system for the pic18 microcontroller.
  • MarketQA Java Interface A java interface to the Thomson MarketQA server.
  • Boston Pull A spreadsheet scripting language and cron like data gatherer for Stark Boston.
  • Cluster Priority Adding prority scheduling to the homemade quant cluster.
  • Futures Feed Near realtime features feeding into quant daemon framework.
  • Cold Glue Reject Rejection of printed material due to cold glue.
  • Belt Receive Transfering books from custodial to non costodial machine sections.
  • Agile Book Group Attempting to get agile method into the Quad finishing group.
  • Image Processing Bluring, resizing, and painting images using different filters for cs559.
  • Transformation Hierarchy Building virtual construction equipment using transformation heierarchies.
  • Rollercoaster A virtual roller coster using curved surfaces and 3D orientations.
  • Virtual Town A virtual town with a fountain, castle, and people constructed using vertex and fragment shaders.
  • Epistemic Visualization A tool for visualizing the diferences between Epistemic Frames using Qt.
  • 3D Kinematics Engine A 3D kinematic simulation engine written in MATLAB and C++.

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