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Markus Ivan Peloquin

ˈmaɹkəs pølœˈkɛ̃

I'm a former graduate student in computer science, specifically systems. I got a Master's, and then I left. Now I live in Seattle, WA.

This is my listing of junk that I find useful, organized in a sleek and sophisticated web-1.0 interface. You're probably wasting your time looking at it.

My code. Possibly useful. This was all written a decade ago probably.

My Github account.

My other website. Takes up space.

class projects and etc

I usually withheld other authors, and I will tell you if you like. I don't like it when weirdos contact them because they found the paper listed here. Like that one guy who emailed us trying to copy our source code.


I use Gentoo Linux and used to use OpenBSD-current for fun. My first Unix was Slackware. I never say Gnu/Linux except when I'm making fun of Richard Stallman. I'm really more of a BSD guy.

My favorite languages are C++, Go, Dart, Python, Perl. Modern C++ is my favorite for some reason; it will be a great language eventually. Go is a lot of fun, and its concurrency model is fantastic. Dart is a crazy idea that turned into an awesome language; a great type system, reminiscent of Javascript, but with none of the terrible things; I'm sad it hasn't blown up. Python is what I usually use for scripts; it has decent static analysis that keeps things from getting out of hand. Perl is a guilty pleasure, but it takes tons of practice to actually write maintainable code.

vim. Or neovim.

(Ł) Litecoin. I enjoy that up until the very near future, it has only been possible to mine them with commodity hardware (currently, AMD GPGPGUs). I also appreciate that it, like Bitcoin, is exhaustible, uncontrollable, and moderately anonymous.

contact info


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