University of Cambridge

Matthew Anderson

Research Associate

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		Matthew Anderson

Teaching Experiences at UW-Madison:


  • Introduction to Programming - Instructor - 302
  • Introduction to Programming - Discussion Leader / Lab Instructor - 302
  • Introduction to Data Structures - 367
  • Introduction to Numerical Methods - 412
  • Introduction to Computer Networks - 640
  • Principles of Programming Languages - 704


  • International Collegiate Programming Contest - Coach

Teaching Philosophy:

I have had the pleasure of learning from many excellent teachers. Looking back at the truly exceptional ones, I see that their style, techniques, and personalities span a wide spectrum. However, they have one commonality: the passion to instill the joy of learning in their students, to prepare them to excel in their future endeavors. I humbly aspire to this ideal.

Informed by my experiences, I strive to:

  • Create an engaging learning environment.
  • Enable accomplishment and discovery.
  • Support learning through mentoring.

For more details see a longer form of my teaching philosophy here.