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Ning Zhang


Email: nzhang at cs dot wisc dot edu

Address: 465 S. Mathilda Ave. Suite 300, Sunnyvale, CA

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I have graduated from UW-Madison in December 2012 and joined as a Research Staff Member at NEC Laboratories America. When I was in school, my advisor was Prof. Jignesh Patel. I received my BS from Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) with the thesis advisor Dr. Junzhong Ji.

ICDE Source Code Download:

This is the source code of ICDE 2010 and SIGMOD 2008 (Y.Tian and J.Patel). Please direct all comments and bug reports to me, nzhang at

Data Crawler Download:

The crawlers of DBLP and IMDB datasets are now available. Please read the NOTE file in the code package. Also, parsing XML data file needs DTD file, however, DTD file may not always come with the source data (Citeseer only provides the XML data, but not DTD file). Fortunately, I found this DTD generator very useful when DTD file is not available.


My current research focuses on high-performance SQL engine on key-value store, multi-tenant DBMS and cloud storage.

Selected Publications:

  • Ning Zhang, "How Swift Is Your Swift?", OpenStack Summit, 2012.
  • N. Zhang, J. Tatemura, J. Patel and H. Hacigumus "Towards Cost-Effective Storage Provisioning for DBMSs", VLDB, 2012.(Best papers of VLDB 2012)
  • N. Zhang, Y. Tian and J. Patel, "Discovery-Driven Graph Summarization", The 26th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 2010 (in research session of Social Networks).
  • Junzhong Ji, Ning Zhang, Chunnian Liu, Ning Zhong "Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Learning Classification Rules", Web Intelligence 2006: 1034-1037

Industrial Experience:

  • Jan 2012 - Jan 2013: OpenStack Engineer, Zmanda Inc. in Sunnyvale, CA
  • Dec. 2008 - May 2009: Software Engineer (Intern), Epic Systems.

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