Computer Sciences Dept.

Raghu Ramakrishnan

Professor of Computer Sciences

Research Interests

Database systems. In particular, Big Data, cloud computing, data marketplaces, semantics-driven information services, and web-scale data management

I AM NOW AT Microsoft, heading the Information Services Lab (ISL)

The best way to reach me is to send email to first-name AT microsoft DOT com

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Ph.D. Advisees

    S. Sudarshan, Ph.D. August 1992, Run-Time Optimizations in Bottom-Up Evaluation of Logic Programs, First employment: AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill (sudarsha@research.att.com).

    D. Srivastava, Ph.D. August 1993, Deductive and Object-Oriented Languages, First employment: AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill (divesh@research.att.com).

    S. Dar, Ph.D. August 1993, Design and Evaluation of Transitive Closure Algorithms, First employment: AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill (dar@research.att.com).

    P. Seshadri, Ph.D. August 1996, Sequence Data Management First employment: Computer Sciences Department, Cornell University (praveen@cs.cornell.edu).

    J. Albert, Ph.D. December 1996, Database Integration First employment: Computer Sciences Department, Portland State University (jalbert@cs.pdx.edu).

    T. Zhang, Ph.D. December 1996, Clustering Very Large Datasets First employment: IBM Santa Teresa Lab (tian_zhang@vnet.ibm.com).

    J.E. Gehrke, Ph.D. August 1999, Scalable Decision Tree Construction First employment: Computer Sciences Department, Cornell University (johannes@cs.cornell.edu).

    J. Goldstein, Ph.D. December 1999, High-Dimensional Indexing Techniques First employment: Microsoft Research (jongold@microsoft.com).

    V. Ganti, Ph.D. June 2000, Mining Large, Evolving Datasets First employment: Member of Technical Staff, Microsoft Research.

    D. Donjerkovic, Ph.D. August 2000, Evaluating Approximate Queries First employment: Desana Systems.

    U. Shaft, Ph.D. December 2001, Content-Based Queries in Image Databases First employment: QUIQ, Inc.

    K. Beyer, Ph.D. May 2002, Precomputation Techniques for Interactive Data Exploration First employment: IBM Almaden Research Center.

    H. Guo, Ph.D. August 2005, Good-Enough Database Caching First employment: Microsoft.

    V. Ercegovac, Ph.D. July 2006 (co-advisor, David DeWitt), Integrating Text Search and Relational Databases: Functionality and Performance First employment: IBM Almaden Research Center.

    K. LeFevre, Ph.D. July 2007 (co-advisor: David DeWitt), Anonymity in Data Publishing and Distribution First employment: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

    D. Burdick, Ph.D. December 2007 (co-advisor: AnHai Doan), Probabilistic OLAP First employment: Mitre Corporation.

    L. Chen, Ph.D. December 2007, Composite Aggregation Queries First employment: Own startup company.

    Bee-Chung Chen, Ph.D. December 2007, Cube-Space Data Mining First employment: Yahoo! Research.

Hector Corrada-Bravo, Ph.D. August 2008 (co-adisor: Grace Wahba), Graph-Based Data Analysis First employment: Johns Hopkins University.

Other Students

Tarun Arora and Bill Roth did M.S. thesis work with Raghu, (Colin) Zheng Huang did research with Raghu before moving on to Google, Pradeep Tamma did research before moving on to Microsoft, and Mong Li Lee did a post-doc. Numerous students who took courses but did not do research with Raghu are nonetheless fondly, if sometimes fuzzily, remembered.

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