Computer Sciences Dept.

Raghu Ramakrishnan

Professor of Computer Sciences

Research Interests

Database systems. In particular, Big Data, cloud computing, data marketplaces, semantics-driven information services, and web-scale data management

I AM NOW AT Microsoft, heading the Information Services Lab (ISL)

The best way to reach me is to send email to first-name AT microsoft DOT com

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Teaching-Related Activities

  • Course text authored with Johannes Gehrke: Database Management Systems (now in its 3nd edition).
  • Software developed for educational use: Minibase (developed in collaboration with many people, and building upon David DeWitt's Minirel system) and Coral.

The text Database Management Systems, published by WCB/McGraw-Hill, is aimed at first and second courses in database systems at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Minibase relational DBMS was developed in conjunction with this text. The Coral system is also used in courses that deal with logic databases at several schools.

Courses Taught Recently

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