CS540 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS540, Spring 2021
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Schedule (Subject to Change)

Date Topic Reading materials Assignments
Tuesday, Jan 26 Welcome and Course Overview Python Crash Course (self-study), Slides HW1 Released
Thursday, Jan 28 Probability Slides, Quiz (answers)
Tuesday, Feb 2 Linear Algebra and PCA Slides, Quiz (answers) HW1 Due, HW 2 Released
Thursday, Feb 4 Statistics and Math Review Slides, Quiz (answers)
Tuesday, Feb 9 Introduction to Logic Slides, Quiz (answers) HW 2 Due, HW 3 Released
Thursday, Feb 11 Natural Language Processing Slides, Quiz (answers)
Tuesday, Feb 16 Machine Learning: Introduction Slides, Quiz (answers) HW3 Due
Thursday, Feb 18 Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning I Slides, Quiz (answers)
Tuesday, Feb 23 Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning II Slides, Quiz HW 4 Released
Thursday, Feb 25 Machine Learning: Linear regression, Bonus Slide Recording Slides, Quiz, Bonus Lecture Slides
Tuesday, March 2 Machine Learning: K - Nearest Neighbors & Naive Bayes Slides, Quiz Extended reading on MLE and Naive Bayes HW 4 Due, HW 5 Released
Thursday, March 4 Machine Learning: Neural Network I (Perceptron) Slides, Quiz
Tuesday, March 9 Machine Learning: Neural Network II Slides, Quiz HW 5 Due, HW 6 Released
Thursday, March 11 Machine Learning: Neural Network III Slides, Quiz
Tuesday, March 16 Study Break for Midterm Exam (No Lecture)
Thursday, March 18 Machine Learning: Deep Learning I Slides, Quiz
Sunday, March 21 HW 6 Due
Tuesday, March 23 Machine Learning: Deep Learning II Slides, Quiz HW 7 Released
Thursday, March 25 Machine Learning: Deep Learning III Slides, Quiz
Tuesday, March 30 Machine Learning: Deep Learning and Neural Network's Summary Slides, Quiz HW 7 Due
Thursday, April 1 Game - Part I Slides, Quiz
Tuesday, April 6 Game - Part II Slides, Quiz HW 8 Released
Thursday, April 8 Search I: Un-Informed search Slides, Quiz
Tuesday, April 13 Search II: Informed search Slides, Quiz HW 8 Due, HW 9 Released
Thursday, April 15 Advanced Search Slides, Quiz
Tuesday, April 20 Introduction to Reinforcement Learning Slides, Quiz HW 9 Due, HW 10 Released
Thursday, April 22 Reinforcement Learning and Search Summary Slides, Quiz
Tuesday, April 27 Ethics and Trust in AI Slides, Quiz
Thursday, April 29 Artificial Intelligence in the Real World Slides, Quiz HW 10 Due