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# About Me

Hi, I am Young Wu.

I am a teaching faculty member at the Department of Computer Science, the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and I have completed a PhD here (advisory committee: Jerry Zhu, Qiaomin Xie, Yudong Chen, and Josiah Hanna). I have previously completed a PhD at the Department of Economics, the University of Toronto (advisory committee: Marcin Peski, Colin Stewart, Xianwen Shi).

I have taught Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS540, Computer Graphics CS559, MATLAB Programming CS368, Python Data Science Programming CS320, and Micro-economic Theory (Game Theory) ECO206. My research interests include machine learning, particularly adversarial multi-agent reinforcement learning.


# Mailing Address

Room 7382
1210 Dayton Street, Madison
WI 53706, US

# E-mail


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