Advanced Computer Networks - Renovated!
Lecture Schedule

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Lec # Date Topic Notes/additional material Papers to review Checkpoints/Other refs
Course Introduction Undergrad material How to read 1; 2 Did you get the Welcome email?
(check your wisc ID)
1 The End-to-End Principle Notes SRC84 Did you sign up on Piazza?
2 Internet Design Philosophy Notes SRC84
3 Router Design Notes McK97
4 Active Networking W99
5 Inter-domain Routing MIT background notes on BGP, Aditya's Notes LABJ01 Optional: APM+04
6 Intra-/Inter-domain routing CCF05
7 Transport: Congestion Control Notes JK99
8 Queuing: FQ JK99
9 Overlays: ESM CRZ00
10 DHTs SMK+01
11 SDN: Controller Design SDN Nick McKeown keynote KCG+10
12 SDN: Infrastructure PPK+09, CKS+12
13 Content Networking: Packet caches on routers AGA+08
14 New Architectures: XIA HAD+12
15 A Case for a Coordinated Internet Video Control Plane LJ+12
16 Data Center Network Design GJK+09
17 Data Center TCP AGM+10
18 Cloud application optimization AKG+10
19 Network Security: DDoS AIP YWA05
20 ExOR: Opportunistic Multi-Hop Routing for Wireless Networks BM05
21 Privacy I+10
22 Switchboard: A Matchmaking System for Multiplayer Mobile Games MAZ+11
23 White Space Networking with Wi-Fi like Connectivity B+09