Current Projects: University of Wisconsin - Madison
CS 766 - Computer Vision
  Assignment #1: Code - Question 2 (matlab-script) - Question 3 (zip)  
  • Install: Just run the script for question 2. For question 3, the main scripts to be run a called question3a.m, question3b.m and question 3c.m  
  • The desired images will be displayed using the scripts. NOTE: I use imshow here and there which REQUIRES THE IMAGE PROCESSING TOOLKIT, if you have a ghetto install of Matlab, don't come crying to me.  
  • For convenience the images are reproduced here (zipped).

      Assignment #2: Intelligent Scissors  

  • Code: zipped
  • Images: I used a picture of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Myself and a rather startled looking chicken to create this:

    We're having fried chicken tonight!
  • The code provided was used to create the contours and masks for extracting out parts of each of these pictures while photoshop was used to composite everything into one image.

    Past Projects: University of Wisconsin - Madison
    CS 777 - Computer Animation
      Art Assignment #1: Still Rendering: Midnight Snack (.jpg), Happy/Sad Animation (.mb, .avi (zipped))
      Project #1: Read and Display BVH Animation Files (webpage)
      Project #2: Particle Mass-Spring Physics Simulation System (webpage)
      Project #3: Reading List
  • stam-stable_fluids.pdf
  • foster-metaxas-turbulent_gas.pdf
  • fedkiw-etal-visual_sim_smoke.pdf
  • enright-marschner-fedkiw-complex_water.pdf

    CS 679 - Game Programming
      Course Homepage
      Bolo Project Page

    Past Projects: University of Arizona
    Math 479 - Game Theory
      A Simple Pivot Utility for Tableau

    ECE 369 - Microprocessor Organization: Final Project
      Computer Oriented Microprocessor Learning Aid

    Missing Projects

    There are projects which I have done in the past, but that I, for some odd reason, can no longer find. All of these were done at the University of Arizona

  • CSc 534 - Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics
    • Project 1: Analysis of Moire Effect and Perlin Noise Implementation
    • Project 2: Texture Manipulation
    • Project 3: Voronoi Diagrams and the Graphics Hardware
  • CSc 453 - Compilers Final Project: An fully functional MODULA3 to SPARC assembly compiler/assembler written in Icon and C.
  • CSc 445 - Algorithms Bonus Project: Given a polygon (with some specific restrictions, though I have forgotten what they are) this finds and displays in 3D the optimal triangulation. Written in C++ and OpenGL.
  • CSc 330 - Final Project: QUBIC
    Last Updated: July 27, 2004